A New Era: HKEX Embarks on Expanding Its Horizons with New York Office

July 7, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) opens a new office in New York.
  • The New York office is part of HKEX’s commitment to increasing international participation in its market and improving global market connectivity.
  • The office will provide on-the-ground support to HKEX’s North American clients, with a primary focus on providing insights into Asia’s capital markets.
  • Roger McAvoy, the Managing Director and Head of Business Development, North America, will lead the new office.

Breaking New Ground: The HKEX Story

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is a prime example of a company keen on connecting the dots between eastern and western economies. As one of the world’s leading exchange groups, HKEX is deeply committed to fostering international participation in its markets and enhancing global market connectivity. On June 22, 2023, in line with this vision, HKEX launched a new office in New York, marking a significant stride in its global expansion strategy.

The New York Connection: Linking Asia and North America

The inauguration of the New York office is a milestone that underscores HKEX’s commitment to its North American clientele. Located in New York City, the office will play a pivotal role in promoting Hong Kong’s dynamic marketplace, noted for its world-leading IPO and equities franchise, unique access to Mainland China markets, and a growing offshore Renminbi ecosystem.

Roger McAvoy, Managing Director and Head of Business Development, North America, will helm the office. It aims to offer on-the-ground services during North American business hours, fostering stronger relationships with regional clients.

In the words of Mr. McAvoy, “There is immense appetite for better insight and access to Asia capital markets in the US, and in opening up an HKEX office in New York, we can better align with our clients’ interests and ambitions. This is about bringing opportunities and expertise closer to our customers and we look forward to helping them tap into the Asia growth story in the future.”

Striking the Gong: A Symbol of Commitment

At the opening ceremony held at New York’s Rockefeller Center, Nicolas Aguzin, CEO of HKEX, and other senior executives had the honor of interacting with VIPs and leaders from the US financial business and market infrastructure communities. The highlight of the event was Mr. Aguzin striking a gong, signifying HKEX’s unwavering commitment to enhancing global market connectivity.

“The opening of our New York office is a great cause for celebration as we bring the Hong Kong and HKEX story to North America. As a purpose-driven company, enhancing connectivity across markets and geographies is at our core. Supporting our international clients around the world by being on the ground and listening to their needs is critical so that we can deliver shared sustained success,” said Mr. Aguzin.

Looking Ahead: Reinforcing International Reach

HKEX’s expansion into New York is more than just a geographical move. It’s a strategic initiative to strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a superconnector between East and West. The New York office, along with the recently announced London office, will form a significant part of HKEX’s international reach, supplementing its existing presence in Beijing, Shanghai, and Singapore.

As Mr. Aguzin further stated, “This new office will better connect two of the most important financial centres in the world, and, together with our recently announced London office, will further connect international capital with the exciting opportunities in Asia.”

With the launch of the New York office, HKEX promises a brighter and more connected future, one that brings opportunities in Asia closer to its international clientele.

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