A Year of Triumph: TEAM LEWIS Shatters Revenue Record and Fuels Global Expansion

August 5, 2023

Key Takeaways

  1. TEAM LEWIS posts record-breaking annual revenues of $74 million for the year ending July 31, 2023.
  2. The agency plans to reinvest profits into the TEAM LEWIS Foundation and employee bonuses.
  3. The company aims to fill 100 new positions globally based on attitude rather than purely academic qualifications.


TEAM LEWIS, a global marketing agency built to inspire brands, delivers a broad spectrum of marketing, communications, and digital services. With 24 offices worldwide, the agency works with renowned clients including Jabra, Nikon, Pizza Hut, Schneider Electric, and Zalando. The independent agency, which grew 42% in the past four years, focuses on creating tangible business impact for its clients and their causes.

Record-Breaking Financial Year

Ending the financial year on July 31, 2023, TEAM LEWIS reported all-time high revenues of $74 million, marking an impressive organic growth of 42% over the past four years. The agency’s success reflects its commitment to providing value, flexibility, and fresh creativity, all essential attributes in an era defined by global turbulence.

Noah Dye, EVP, US at TEAM LEWIS, said, “We’re a global team, so when the company does well, our colleagues and communities also benefit. To achieve record growth is an amazing result given the turbulence created by global events. During this time, clients have searched for three things. They want better value, flexibility, and fresh creativity. We’ve delivered on this by breaking down commercial and geographic siloes and, of course, a lot of hard work.”

Reinvesting in Employees and Philanthropy

In recognition of its stellar financial performance, TEAM LEWIS plans to distribute an extra month’s salary as a bonus to the majority of its staff. The company also plans to double its investment in the TEAM LEWIS Foundation, an employee-driven scheme that has supported over 1,200 causes to date, with an average of $2,000 donated per employee.

Expanding Global Team: Attitude Over Academics

Reflecting its ethos of diversity and inclusion, TEAM LEWIS is launching three new training programs in the US, EMEA, and APAC to accommodate 100 new hires worldwide. Uniquely, these positions will be filled based on attitude rather than purely academic qualifications.

Inez Odom, Head of Professional Development at TEAM LEWIS, stated, “With or without a degree, we welcome candidates to apply. If you’re serious about diversity, you can’t exclude people on the basis of their academic qualifications. Attitude is as important as education in creating world-class marketing professionals.”

The Road Ahead for TEAM LEWIS

With a record-breaking financial year under its belt, TEAM LEWIS is poised for continued growth and expansion. Its ambitious plans to reinvest profits into employee bonuses and the TEAM LEWIS Foundation underscore the company’s commitment to its team and the communities it serves. The agency’s innovative hiring strategy, focusing on attitude over academics, sets a refreshing precedent in the industry, demonstrating TEAM LEWIS’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. As the company navigates the exciting times ahead, it is clear that TEAM LEWIS’s approach to marketing is as progressive as it is profitable.

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