Adtec Healthcare Limited, a leading Cold Plasma medical device manufacturer, spins out from Adtec Europe Ltd

June 18, 2023

Adtec Healthcare Limited, originally part of the European subsidiary of its parent company Adtec Technology Japan, was the first company worldwide to introduce Cold Plasma on wounds in clinical trials. It is a leading technology delivering a pioneering treatment for chronic and infected wounds, with strong antibacterial properties and no side effects. Adtec Healthcare’s demonstration of the strong clinical benefit of microwave-powered Cold Plasma for the management of infections in chronic wounds, has paved the way for further Cold Plasma research on additional clinical applications.

Adtec Healthcare’s flagship medical device, the SteriPlas, has the most extensive collection of clinical trials and studies of any cold plasma company, is already CE marked and is being widely used across the UK and Europe. The purpose of this spin-out is to enable Adtec Healthcare to further expand the use of Cold Plasma in regions that have yet to adopt it in the clinic.

Adtec Healthcare seeks to meet with investors and wound care companies to introduce its patented technology and collaborate to accelerate sales in Europe as well as launching the technology in the USA where a strong interest for Adtec Healthcare’s Cold Plasma from clinicians has already been established. The new investment will be used towards clinical studies and gaining FDA approval.

Adtec Healthcare offers its thanks and praises to Adtec Technology Japan for its continued financial support and guidance which without whom they would not be the leading Cold Plasma company they are today. The experienced Adtec Healthcare team, led by Mary McGovern, are excited to start this next chapter on their mission to revolutionize the global wound care market working alongside financial and strategic partners.

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