Ampere – business banking for UK customers

February 11, 2023

Ampere launched online business banking for small and medium businesses in the UK. Appeared in 2022, all-in-one neobank allows entrepreneurs to manage all the essential financial operations in one place. Thereby solving and dealing with all business hustle.

Quality products are highly valued in the financial technology market. Ampere is gaining quite fast momentum in the UK, at the same time it is also preparing to enter the European market. All this will lead to the global use of instant transfers between 45+ countries.

By bringing together the latest technologies, Ampere’s IT developers provided a business banking that allows businesses to accept payments by cards and bank transfers, make instant payments via SWIFT or SEPA as well as payments by card, and automatically convert funds into popular currencies and exchange them.

It also lets staff members generate and send invoices to customers with its Smart Invoicing System, utilize mobile phones as a terminal, and manage business accounts and taxes.

Ampere offers to its customers:

  • Open Multi Currency Account (UK IBAN, account number & sort code, as well as an EU IBAN)

A multi-currency account is a type of demand deposit account that allows you to send, hold and receive various currencies in one place.

In other words, a multi-currency account allows users to make and receive payments in foreign currencies without the need to open several foreign accounts.

  • Make instant payments via SWIFT or SEPA

Both are ways to make international payments, with SEPA serving the Eurozone and SWIFT operating worldwide. Ampere makes such transfers to over 150 countries in minutes, thereby simplifying transfers to other banks to a few clicks.

  • Accept payments by cards and bank transfers

Ampere offers a quick and convenient way to make financial transactions both large and small. Clients can easily use the card to make offline and online purchases.

  • Get Corporate Debit Card for your company

This possibility provides the flexibility and information companies need to effectively manage travel and entertainment expenses.

  • Fast client support

Efficiently providing solutions to customer’s problems and answering their questions is Ampere’s priority in ensuring customer satisfaction. Comfort and partnership comes first.

  • Get safe & secure service

Ampere values trust, which means safety and protection. The fundamental value and priority is the security of clients with the help of a secure repository of data and capital provided, as well as reliable insurance.

  • Download & share your accounting statements

A convenient, fundamental and necessary function for any staff, business or entrepreneur.

Ampere Business Banking is available on iOS, Android and WEB

Some developing features and technological solutions for a more comfortable service:

  • Instant currency conversion at the best exchange rate for the lowest fee;
  • Generate and send invoices to customers using their Smart Invoicing System;
  • Use mobile phone as a terminal;
  • Open multiple accounts for different companies;
  • Open private account for business owners + get private debit card;
  • Open a joint bank account for multiple account holders;
  • Turn the website into an online shop by opening a merchant account;
  • Get instant low-interest loans;
  • Manage business accounts and taxes.

Neo banking offers a competitive alternative to traditional banking, and its growing popularity shows promise for a successful future in the Fintech industry. Modern bankers are switching to these digital-only services, gaining access to more convenient and flexible services for customers with busy lives, a customer-centered approach for those seeking support, optimized UI/UX on their apps and websites for better transparency and usability, lower costs for customers looking to save, and higher interest rates on savings accounts for customers looking to earn.

Ampere allows entrepreneurs to manage all the essential business financial operations in one place with a few clicks.

Open Ampere Business Banking account can be got on

iOS, Android and WEB


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