Ancoris Invests in Generative AI Capability with Launch of Dedicated Generative AI Practice and Appointment of Chief AI Officer

June 19, 2023

Ancoris, a UK-based Google Cloud services provider, has today announced its launch of a dedicated Generative AI practice designed to help customers develop and launch AI-native innovation initiatives through strategic advisory services, rapid prototyping, business case development, and application and software engineering.

Ancoris will bring together the power of its existing Data and AI, Application and Software Engineering, and Cloud Modernisation practices, to build a high-performing team focused on implementing AI solutions for its customers. The company’s long-standing history of delivering enterprise-grade application development and software engineering solutions to its customers prove a true differentiator in its ability to, not only build Generative AI solutions, but productionise and integrate them into new or existing applications – making AI-native innovation a reality for customers.

“We’re going through a period of positive change at Ancoris, and truly see an investment and lean-in to AI, alongside an upcoming repositioning of our brand, as an opportunity for us to fuel growth for our business and transformation for our customers,” says Andre Azevedo, Ancoris CEO.

“The Gen AI conversation can be perceived as hype, but organisations are realising that they need to engage in it, or their competitors will. Our mission is to bring the hype back down to earth, and that’s why we are investing in a dedicated team to help customers with rapid prototyping in the most frictionless possible way. Customers can see what’s possible within a couple of weeks, and quickly build a tangible business case. This will enable our customers to proactively answer the question their boards are already asking them – how can we use Gen AI (and AI in general) to power our business?”

“I’m thrilled to become Ancoris’ Chief AI Officer,” says newly appointed Matt Frank. “I’m passionate about the potential of AI to transform organisations and industries.” Matt is an expert in building, managing, and running cloud platforms and teams for Enterprise organisations. Formally at the Bank of England and Sky where he was responsible for the organisations’ data platforms, and at KPMG where he managed a team of Cloud and DevOps Engineers, Matt has robust experience helping organisations adopt, manage, and secure innovative cloud technology to drive innovation and efficiency.

“Ancoris’ application development capabilities are uniquely placed in Google’s UK partner ecosystem, which means I’m confident we can help enterprises become AI-native to improve their operations, innovate more effectively, and deliver better customer experiences,” Matt continues. “It’s important to remember AI is a powerful tool and it’s everyone’s responsibility to develop and use it in a responsible way that benefits society. We can help customers deliver value from AI quickly, whilst navigating the potential risks of AI such as bias, discrimination, and privacy violations.

“Google is undoubtedly leading the race to responsible Generative AI, following a number of announcements and updates from Google I/O – its generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) can help organisations be transparent about how AI is being used, and ensure people and organisations have control over their data. I’m committed to working to ensure we all use AI responsibly, ethically, and successfully! I believe AI has the potential to make the world a better place, and I’m excited to be a part of that journey.”

About Ancoris

Ancoris is a leading Google Cloud Services Provider, headquartered in the UK, which helps customers innovate and transform through the use of Google Cloud. We have extensive experience in Google Cloud technologies helping enterprises integrate AI-native solutions into their business through expertise in Data & AI, Application and Infrastructure Modernisation, Workspace and Maps, and were recognised as a Rising Star for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning in 2022 ISG Provider™ Lens for Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem. We employ the best in the business and were named in the Top 10 Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023.

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