Announcing Vivid – A New Global Engagement Consultancy

March 5, 2023

TEAM LEWIS, a marketing consultancy, is launching VIVID, a new global reputation and impact practice. It is designed to respond to the rapidly changing, fast-moving, digital-first world. VIVID will inject pace, emotion, creativity, and visual thinking into reputation management and purpose campaigns.

Experiential, gaming and visual engagement platforms are globalising especially in younger demographics. This demands a different approach to how and where issues emerge and stories need to land.

VIVID brings together brand consultancy with creative engineering and real-time reputation management. This will change the traditional reputation management theatre of operations. This will lead into the metaverse, creating immersive augmented reality brand experiences and emotional video-based storytelling. Crafting powerful, emotionally moving stories will be important. Doing this at speed will become essential.

The new practice has been inspired and influenced by the work done around the world by TEAM LEWIS Foundation. Story-telling skill, and millions of dollars, have been shared with important community causes, each nominated by an employee. It provides VIVID with a unique experience of purpose-driven causes and charities. This represents a diverse global community bringing different perspectives and needs.

Tapping into skills and knowledge from across 24 offices and 600 staff, VIVID will assemble bespoke teams for each client. Cross-discipline, geography and specialist consultants will work together to deliver the most impactful and creative outcomes at speed.

The team has already delivered game-changing and award-winning VIVID work for clients including Schneider Electric (one of the world’s most sustainable corporations), SkyScanner and OKX.

The VIVID practice will be led by Helen Ellis, the agency’s global sustainability lead and reputation expert. Ellis has provided consultancy and award winning campaigns in the ESG space including 2022 accolades at the PR Moment, B2B Marketing, PRCA and Corp Comms Awards. TEAM LEWIS has also received recognition for its Foundation and innovative D&I recruitment approaches.

VIVID is comprised of a 25-strong team. TEAM LEWIS has added strength and depth to its bench of senior talent with a number of new hires including:

  • Nicola Parton, whose previous work includes advising global giants including Astra Zeneca, Tetra Pak, Kellogg, PayPal, Ericsson and News International (now News UK).
  • Louise Greeves, who joined from the digital transformation business Ensono where she was European Marketing Director.
  • Sebastian During, MD and Corporate Lead TEAM LEWIS Dusseldorf.
  • Thomas Skelton, Director Corporate Strategy, TEAM LEWIS APAC

Commenting on this new milestone, Yvonne van Bokhoven, EVP Europe and APAC said: “VIVID is designed to engineer new creative approaches to reputational content, engagement and brand experiences. This approach is built on the understanding brands are an emotional experience, rooted in what stakeholders can feel and understand.

Real impact is made by understanding how audiences want to engage and connecting on the causes that matter most to them.”

Discover VIVID Corporate Impact here:


TEAM LEWIS is a global marketing agency built to help and inspire brands to grow. It provides marketing, communications and digital campaigns for companies and causes. The company has over 600 staff across 24 offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Visit:

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