Apera Asset Management Partners with Kudu Investment Management to Fuel Growth in European Private Credit

July 29, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Kudu Investment Management makes a minority investment in Apera Asset Management, a pan-European private debt manager.
  • Apera specializes in providing private debt solutions to middle-market businesses across Europe.
  • The investment will enable Apera to accelerate its growth and expand its client base.
  • Kudu’s flexible capital and industry knowledge make it the preferred strategic partner for Apera’s growth initiatives.

About Apera Asset Management LLP: Revolutionizing Private Credit Investment

In the dynamic landscape of private debt management, Apera Asset Management LLP (Apera) stands out as a trailblazer in the European market. Established in 2016, Apera is a U.K.-based pan-European private debt manager, catering to middle-market businesses in multiple countries, including the U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux, and the Nordic region. The firm has cemented its reputation as a leader in the private debt space, managing over €2.6 billion (approximately US$2.9 billion) in assets on behalf of institutional investors across Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Apera’s core focus lies in developing long-term partnerships with private equity investors, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), and advisors by offering tailored financial solutions that align with clients’ operational needs and growth objectives. With a diverse portfolio of investments, Apera has made significant contributions to various sectors, including information technology, healthcare, consumer discretionary, and finance.

As a majority partner-owned entity, Apera is led by its founding partners Klaus Petersen, David Wilmot, and Robert Shaw. The company operates with a team of 38 employees spread across strategic locations in London, Munich, Paris, and Luxembourg. Emphasizing transparency and exceptional client service, Apera has revolutionized the private debt market by setting a new standard for excellence and reliability.

Kudu Investment Management: Enabling Lasting Growth for Asset Managers

Joining forces with Apera, Kudu Investment Management, LLC (Kudu) brings its expertise as a provider of permanent capital solutions to independent asset and wealth managers. With headquarters in New York and London, Kudu has been a driving force in the global investment landscape since its inception in 2015. The company’s investment philosophy revolves around empowering asset and wealth managers to thrive by offering long-term capital solutions, including generational ownership transfers, management buyouts, acquisition and growth finance, and liquidity for legacy partners.

Kudu’s deep-rooted industry knowledge and access to flexible capital make it a preferred strategic partner for asset and wealth managers seeking sustainable growth and long-term success. Over the years, Kudu has invested in 25 asset and wealth managers across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, and Australia, collectively overseeing approximately $94 billion in assets. With the backing of capital partners such as White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd., MassMutual, and Martello Re, Kudu has solidified its position as a driving force in the realm of independent asset and wealth management.

Fueling Growth with Strategic Investment

In a move that has captured industry attention, Kudu Investment Management has made a strategic minority investment in Apera Asset Management through an Apera affiliate. While the financial terms of the investment remain undisclosed, both parties are eager to leverage the power of this partnership to drive growth in the European private credit landscape.

The decision to align with Kudu stems from Apera’s vision to accelerate its business growth and diversify its client base. The investment will provide Apera with the necessary capital and resources to further solidify its position as a leading player in the pan-European private debt market. Additionally, the partnership with Kudu unlocks opportunities for Apera to expand its operations and pursue new growth initiatives.

Klaus Petersen, one of the founding partners at Apera, expresses his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “The environment in Europe is receptive to credit solutions like Apera’s, and long-term prospects for European credit funds are highly promising. Kudu emerged as our preferred strategic partner when we began exploring paths to accelerate Apera’s growth initiatives and to diversify our client base. We value Kudu’s combination of flexible capital, broad industry knowledge, and global reach.”

Rob Jakacki, CEO of Kudu, reciprocates the excitement, saying, “Apera has built a well-positioned private credit platform in the U.K. and Europe with a talented team and a first-class operations profile. We’re delighted to partner with Klaus, David, Robert, and the team to support Apera’s continued growth.”

Empowering the Future of Private Debt Solutions

Apera’s partnership with Kudu Investment Management marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of private debt solutions in Europe. With a focus on delivering tailored financial solutions, Apera has established itself as a key player in providing credit to middle-market businesses across multiple European countries. The strategic investment from Kudu will empower Apera to build upon its success, foster stronger client relationships, and expand its market presence.

As the European credit market continues to evolve, Apera Asset Management is poised to lead the charge in delivering excellence and innovation. With the support of Kudu’s proven capital solutions and global expertise, Apera is primed to create a more dynamic and prosperous future for private debt investment in the region.

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