Appreciate – The home of Love2shop – launch game-changer modular engagement platform

October 14, 2022

Award-winning tech boosts satisfaction, loyalty, productivity and galvanises sales   

In these times of economic uncertainty cultivating loyalty and future business growth is more crucial now than ever.


In response, leading incentives and rewards specialists Appreciate – The Home of Love2shop – have launched a ‘game-changer’ modular engagement platform for businesses looking to boost productivity, motivation and customer/staff satisfaction.  

The dynamic Appreciate Engagement Platform, which has already scooped two top prizes at the prestigious Incentive Awards (UK), is now available as a modular, off-the-shelf product. 

Totally customisable to each organisation’s requirements and budget, the ‘Appreciate Engagement Platform’ is a dynamic ‘must-have’ sales and customer retention tool.

And for those with a focus on employee loyalty and motivation, it supports rewards and incentives.

With a third (10 million) UK employees revealing they feel undervalued in the workplace, according to the recent Appreciate Employee Value Report, the need for an effective engagement platform is vital.

A host of business and organisations have already taken advantage of the high level initial roll-out of the tech, including finance, health, construction, hospitality, HR, IT, telecoms, retail and the motor industry sectors.

Frank Creighton, Director of Business Development, Appreciate Business Services, said: “We’re confident that all sectors who embrace this dynamic technology will recognise how they can access high quality results, adding significant value to their incentive, loyalty and recognition strategies.”

Jamie Clarke, Head of Engagement Platform Services, Appreciate Business Services, who spearheaded the tech development, added: “A number of design features make our platform stand out. New customers will enjoy a competitive, fully integrated and affordable platform.”

The Appreciate Engagement Platform won the ‘Best Channel Partner Programme’ award 2021 with a bespoke campaign called ‘Help for Hospitality’ in recognition for the growth it helped to galvanise for leading hospitality brand, Brakes. It helped achieve unprecedented results:

  • The 20% of Brakes customers who engaged in the scheme generated more than 60% of Brakes’ sales revenue during the promoted period.
  • Of the customers engaged in Help for Hospitality, 10% of the spend was recorded in new Brakes categories – where customers have not previously traded.
  • 7,944 Brakes customers engaged with the Help for Hospitality promotion, a 61% increase in participation on previous promotions.

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