ATFX Connect Partners with Lucera

December 16, 2022

ATFX Connect, the institutional arm of ATFX Group, has seen a sharp increase in client satisfaction following the integration of Lucera’s LumeFX platform.

The need for speed

Nowhere is the need for speed more critical than in FX trading. To help our clients obtain better fill rates, ATFX Connect switched to Lucera’s LumeFX technology, and today, our clients can enjoy a much-improved fill rate as latency has been reduced dramatically.

The lower latency offered by ATFX Connect has been rewarded swiftly, and our clients have vastly increased their trading activities with ATFX.

Mathew Porter from ATFX Connect said, “Technology is key to running a successful Agency model, and this is why we have sought out a great partner in Lucera.  Latency and configurability are so important in the whole client experience, and utilising the market-leading technology that Lucera has to offer enables us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.”

Truly tailored solutions

Lower latency and better fill rates are not the only things that clients can now enjoy.

ATFX Connect can now tailor the liquidity to each of its clients to foster a healthier relationship between the end client and the liquidity providers of ATFX Connect.

As trading technology and access to data become more mainstream, the sophistication of the end user is catching up with the institutional liquidity providers. The requirements from both sides have therefore increased. The end user seeks low costs, fast execution, good fill rates, and deep liquidity.

Traditionally in our industry, if a liquidity provider and end-user could not find a good equilibrium, they would stop trading with each other altogether. However, with the help of Lucera’s technology, ATFX Connect, can tailor the market selection and trading conditions. Hence, LPs and end-users only trade in the markets where it is mutually beneficial.

“The demanding nature of electronic trading today means firms need the best infrastructure and highest performing platform in place to ensure they can keep pace with the fast-moving nature of today’s markets. Lucera’s extensive experience delivering low-latency, mission-critical systems across asset classes makes us the ideal partner for ATFX. As their business and client needs to evolve, our shared commitment to outstanding client service, along with Lucera’s continuing innovation, ensures they have the best tools available to manage all aspects of their FX franchise. Lucera is delighted to partner with ATFX in this next phase of their business and excited to work together on the opportunities ahead.”

Peter Durkan, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Lucera ® Wei Qiang Zhang, Managing Director of ATFX UK, added, “Client feedback has been great since we partnered with Lucera, and it has already helped us to push to new levels. I anticipate ATFX Connect to add to its market share as clients reward us for creating a superb trading environment.”

ATFX Connected Powered by LumeFX

Lucera’s LumeFX allows brokers like ATFX Connect to manage and configure how clients and liquidity providers interact in a sophisticated manner, all within minutes.

The platform is fully managed, so there is no software to install or infrastructure to manage. Also, there are no API integrations to maintain or complete, allowing companies like ATFX Connect to focus on generating new business. The software also comes with quantitative analysis that allows its operators to optimise and grow trading for the benefit of all counterparties. The software is co-located in NY4, LD4, TY3 and CH2. The matching engine is unique as each client runs their instance, thereby removing any single point of failure.

Legal: ATFX Connect is a trading name of AT Global Markets (UK) Limited and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. FCA registration number (760555).

ATFX Connect Website: https://www.atfxconnect.c

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