Attio Raises $23.5 Million Series A to Usher in a New Era of CRM that Combines Modern Data Architecture with a Cutting-Edge User Experience

March 5, 2023

Attio, the company building the CRM of the future, today announced $23.5 million in Series A funding led by Redpoint Ventures, with continued participation from existing investors Balderton Capital and Point Nine. Attio has now secured $31.2 million from both American and European investors. The company will use the funding to accelerate engineering and product development and expand its go-to-market presence globally.

Attio is a radically new type of CRM that empowers companies to achieve what was, up until now, previously impossible for CRMs. With a powerful data model built on cutting-edge, modern architecture, Attio makes it possible for companies to rapidly build a real-time CRM that fits their business’ unique workflows and data structures. This is in contrast to legacy CRMs, which, although offer robust data models, have outdated user experiences, rely on manual data input, and are slow to deploy and configure.

“Attio’s mission is to build a CRM that is not only beautiful and intuitive, but powerful enough to empower businesses to scale. That’s why we’ve spent the last three years building a powerful architecture from scratch specifically for CRM,” said Nicolas Sharp, co-founder, and CEO of Attio. “We’ve seen challenger CRMs come to the market repeatedly with the same proposition: a more straightforward CRM. However, focusing on that alone won’t cut it unless you also build a robust data model to help businesses evolve and scale.”

Attio is now generally available after being in public beta for three months and private beta for just over a year. It has over 2,000 customers in over 100 countries around the world. Current customers include OpenAI, Causal, Pallet, Dopt, On Deck, and Coca-Cola.

Bringing CRM into the Modern Era

CRM is one of the most widely-used B2B technologies in the world. However, it continues to frustrate users because the entire ecosystem is built on archaic architectures that were designed 20 years ago when the speed, scale, and capabilities that businesses require today could not be conceptualized.

As a result, even though legacy CRMs can have incredibly powerful data models, users cannot take full advantage of them due to their slow and complex nature. The most advanced deployments can take years to carry out and the user experiences are clunky and out-of-date.

“Legacy CRM has impressive architectures, but they have an inherent weakness in their foundation. No matter how much they upgrade or rebuild, they remain constrained by the legacy decisions and technology they started with decades ago,” said Alexander Christie, co-founder and CTO of Attio. “With billions of lines of code and over a hundred thousand customers, you cannot move fast to execute on new technologies or customer needs, even with data model rebuilds. That is the reality of scale.”

Meanwhile, no-code CRM solutions on the market today focus on delivering a nicer user experience, but it comes at the expense of the power and functionality companies need to truly scale. Users are essentially stuck between two options: extremely slow, complicated legacy CRMs with a powerful data model or fast, basic CRMs with a simple and rigid data model.

Attio solves this issue by providing a modern CRM with a robust data model that is also completely customizable, fast, intuitive, and easy to use.

Attio: Flexible and Customizable From Day 1 to IPO

Attio is powerful, real-time, multiplayer, and beautifully designed without sacrificing any of the necessary features businesses need to grow and scale.

“Attio is building from the ground up a modern CRM with a composable UX, an extensible data model, and advanced workflows and integrations. It balances ease-of-use with underlying data sophistication to scale with businesses from day 1 to IPO,” said Alex Bard, managing director at Redpoint Ventures and former Salesforce executive. “Legacy CRMs are complex to set up, generally rely on manual input, and are designed primarily to store data, rather than provide insights and intelligence. Attio can be set up nearly instantly and delivers immediate impact to users through intelligent insights and actions. That’s why they call it Customer Relationship Magic.”

Immediately when using the product for the first time, Attio syncs with a business’ email and calendar systems to create a full global view of every relationship a business has. This automatically includes complete detailed profiles, with a timeline of interactions and conversations, intelligence on the strength of each relationship and enriched with hundreds of extra data points. Attio also allows for easy integration of data from other sources through developer-friendly APIs and first-party integrations.

Teams can then sort and filter millions of customer records in milliseconds. Users have the freedom to use that data to build highly customizable workflows for virtually any industry or scenario – pulling from a library of templates or using a blank canvas to start from scratch. The flexibility of Attio’s data model and architecture means users can adapt and change it rapidly on the fly for any use case, seamlessly scaling with a company as it grows.

“Attio is unlike any CRM we’ve ever encountered. It’s flexible, customizable and truly multiplayer,” said Alon Bartur, co-founder and CEO of early-stage startup Dopt, an Attio customer. “It has played a crucial role in helping us build and scale our go-to-market engine. From tackling sales pipelines to customer success, onboarding and everything in between, it constantly evolves with us as our business grows and has become an indispensable part of our technology stack.”

“From the moment we first learned about Attio, we knew right away that it had massive potential to transform how we manage customer relationships,” said Daniel Waterhouse, general partner at Balderton Capital. “It’s been incredible to see how much the product has evolved since our last investment. Attio’s combination of an amazing UX and powerful data architecture is something truly unique in the market. We believe in their team and vision to build the future of CRM.”

“With Attio, teams can leverage the flexibility and customization of a no-code tool while still getting all the power and features you’d expect from a CRM with a potent data structure to organize your relationships,” said Ricardo Sequerra, partner at Point Nine. “We’re incredibly impressed with the product’s rapid evolution and are excited to see Attio become generally available and work towards their vision of reinventing CRM.”

About Attio

Attio is the CRM of the future. Real-time, completely customizable and intuitively collaborative, Attio’s powerful data model and next-generation architecture allows businesses of all sizes and at all stages to rapidly build the exact CRM they need. To learn what Attio can do for you, visit

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