Autolomous to Provide Digital Solutions to Center for Breakthrough Medicines to Streamline and Automate Manufacturing of Cell & Gene Therapies

January 14, 2023

Autolomous LTD, the market-leading developer of critical manufacturing management systems for Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT), today announced a license agreement with U.S.-based Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) a cell and gene therapy contract development, manufacturing, and testing organization (CDMO).

The agreement allows Autolomous to design, configure and integrate solutions for CBM utilizing the AutoloMATE® platform, a business-critical robust digital system, providing CBM with seamless digital connectivity in the manufacturing operations across all critical elements (e.g., facility systems, technologies) for the end-to-end cell and gene therapy (CGT) value chain.

“As the manufacturing demand of cell and gene therapies accelerates, leveraging of manufacturing insight becomes more critical,” said Alexander Seyf, CEO of Autolomous. “Autolomous will support CBM, the world’s largest single CGT manufacturing site, to enable a digital-first manufacturing platform. Autolomous will continue to deliver significant innovations, maximizing manufacturing productivity and removing bottlenecks through automation and digitization, while reducing the costs of goods to increase patient access to these life-saving therapies.”

Autolomous will help CBM convert all batch record reviews to electronic and will help consolidate the integration with the other systems leading to centralized data visibility to enhance operational learnings, streamline compliance response times, and promote shorter investigation timelines which all lead to lower costs of goods, higher productivity and greater manufacturing scalability for CBM clients.

“Partnering with Autolomous allows CBM to digitize our entire supply chain ecosystem and ensures transparency throughout the process while also providing end-to-end data integrity, complete quality assurance and control, and the automation of key parts of the manufacturing process, such as running calculations and transcribing data from Batch Manufacturing Records (BMRs),” said Jeet Sarkar, VP, Head of IT at CBM. “As we strive to make advanced therapies available and affordable to every patient, the AutoloMATE® platform positions CBM to offer our clients’ the most cutting-edge technology to boost their CGT manufacturing and save more lives.”

About Autolomous

Autolomous LTD is the market leading developer of critical manufacturing management systems for cell and gene therapies. Autolomous internationally deploys fully integrated, digitized and automated supply chain software solutions. These solutions utilize innovative technologies such as Ledger Technology (LT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure compliance with current and future regulatory requirements. As a result, Autolomous enables manufacturers to reduce costs and deliver cell & gene therapies to more patients.

Autolomous’ platform, AutoloMATE® is a business-critical robust digital solution increasing efficiency, scalability, and process streamlining of the GMP manufacturing and product release of cell & gene therapies. Autolomous LTD is headquartered in London. The company was founded in 2019 by four professionals with combined experience covering fifty years in advanced therapies and medical practice and thirty-five years in technology, software, and business.

About The Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM)

Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) is a cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) uniquely positioned to enable pharma and biotech companies to develop, test, manufacture and market life-saving therapies and treatments on a global scale. Ideally located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Cellicon Valley, CBM has assembled the most accomplished cell and gene therapy experts in the world, armed with cutting-edge and innovative technologies, to offer scalable, best-in-class pre-clinical through commercial manufacturing capabilities, including process development, plasmid DNA, vector manufacturing, cell banking, cell processing, and a full suite of complementary and standalone testing and analytical capabilities.

Purpose-built and patient-driven, CBM was designed from the ground up to be a more-effective CDMO, providing single-source, end-to-end solutions to deliver true partnership and unprecedented value to its customers through teamwork, transparency, and speed-to-market dedication.

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