BE OPEN Regional Art: Celebrating Young Artists from the Eastern Mediterranean at an Exceptional Exhibition

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. The BE OPEN Regional Art: Eastern Mediterranean competition concluded on June 22nd after an extended week-long exhibition.
  2. The exhibition, organized by BE OPEN Art, showcased the works of emerging artists from the Eastern Mediterranean.
  3. An awards ceremony recognized Jovanna Theodosiou as Artist of the Region and other notable artists whose works were featured in the exhibition.


BE OPEN Art is an online art gallery project, part of the BE OPEN Foundation. This humanitarian initiative was launched by international businessperson and philanthropist Elena Baturina.

BE OPEN Regional Art Exhibition Celebrates Young Artists

On June 22nd, the BE OPEN Regional Art: the Eastern Mediterranean competition drew to a close after being extended for a week. The event was hosted by BE OPEN Art, an online art gallery initiative of the BE OPEN Foundation, founded by international philanthropist Elena Baturina.

The exhibition commenced on June 1st at the Centre of Visual Arts and Research in Nicosia and aimed to spotlight emerging artists from the Eastern Mediterranean. Works showcased were chosen through a regional competition held from January to March 2023.

An awards ceremony took place a week into the exhibition, celebrating the Artist of the Region Jovanna Theodosiou, as well as other featured artists including Chrystalla Tsiamparta, Aya Abou Hawash, Christina Kyriakou, Abdelrahman Mahmoud, Jamilee Doueihy, Dimitrios Ikonomou, Nicolaou Pantelis, and Elena Adamou.

The event drew a diverse crowd including artists, their families, representatives from Cyprus’s Ministries of Education and Culture, members of academic, artistic, and business communities, and guests of the island.

Cyprus’s Minister of Education, Dr. Athena Michaelidou, applauded BE OPEN’s international initiative, which offers much-needed support to young artists. Cyprus’s President of European Affairs, Eleni Loukalidou, also voiced her support, stating, “Thanks to BE OPEN Regional Art and this exhibition, more people will learn the names of Cyprus’s young and talented.”

Elena Baturina, Founder of BE OPEN, thanked participants and guests for their presence and reiterated BE OPEN Art’s purpose to spotlight and support emerging global talent deserving of recognition.

BE OPEN Regional Art is now finalizing its next stage, dedicated to unearthing and promoting contemporary art from the Caribbean region, and is preparing to announce the next regional winner.

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