BIBA and FullCircl Unite: Introducing SmartBroker, A Transformative Tool for Insurance Brokers

August 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • BIBA collaborates with FullCircl to launch SmartBroker™, a dynamic platform that provides insurance brokers with enriched company information and insights.
  • The platform, available to BIBA members at a discounted rate, offers tools for precise prospecting, tailored outreach, improved underwriting submissions, and enhanced client retention.
  • BIBA’s Head of Technical Services, Mike Hallam, and FullCircl’s Insurance Success Director, Ashleigh Gwilliam, highlight the strategic significance and potential of SmartBroker.

About BIBA

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) is a pivotal player in the insurance landscape, championing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries, and their customers. With a membership exceeding 1,800 regulated firms and a workforce exceeding 100,000, BIBA wields considerable influence. The organization contributes significantly to the UK economy, arranging 74% of general insurance with a premium totaling £85.8 billion and 93% of commercial insurance business.

The Dawn of SmartBroker: A Game-Changer for Insurance Brokers

BIBA’s latest endeavor, in collaboration with FullCircl, results in the birth of SmartBroker™. This groundbreaking platform leverages Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) to furnish insurance brokers with a wealth of information on UK and Irish businesses. SmartBroker is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic asset designed to refine prospecting, streamline outreach, enhance underwriting submissions, boost client retention, and optimize the management of existing business portfolios.

Mike Hallam, BIBA’s Head of Technical Services, expresses enthusiasm for SmartBroker’s potential, stating, “We’re delighted to launch this exciting new facility that promises to help our members tackle some of their biggest challenges. The SmartBroker platform is the culmination of close collaboration between BIBA and FullCircl, we believe it will deliver meaningful opportunities to drive growth across our member base.”

Amplifying Insights: The Power of SmartBroker

SmartBroker’s prowess lies in its ability to provide unparalleled insights by harnessing FullCircl’s proprietary graph technology. This technology collates, connects, and enriches data on companies and their officers from official and premium third-party sources. This sophisticated approach enables insurance brokers to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date information throughout the customer lifecycle.

Ashleigh Gwilliam, Insurance Success Director at FullCircl, notes the significance of SmartBroker, “SmartBroker provides access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date information throughout the life of a customer; something we call Customer Lifecycle Intelligence. SmartBroker improves business performance, enables faster and more accurate decision making, and differentiated client experiences, delivering the same ROI no matter the size of the business.”

Propelling Business with Precision: The FullCircl Business Information Graph™

SmartBroker isn’t just another data platform; it’s backed by the powerful FullCircl Business Information Graph™. This proprietary graph technology ingests and matches billions of data points from reliable sources. What makes this even more potent is its integration capabilities, allowing seamless incorporation into key workflow and operational platforms like Acturis and Salesforce, or via the web-based FullCircl SmartBroker application.

Embracing Synergy: BIBA Members and FullCircl’s SmartBroker

SmartBroker is more than a standalone platform; it’s a testament to synergy. BIBA members gain exclusive access to this transformative tool, taking advantage of a special discounted rate. This partnership not only enriches the offerings for BIBA members but also signifies the alignment of two entities committed to driving innovation and growth within the insurance sector.

Future-Proofing the Insurance Landscape

As the insurance landscape continues to evolve, SmartBroker’s arrival couldn’t be timelier. In an era where data-driven decision-making and client-centric solutions reign supreme, SmartBroker equips insurance brokers with a competitive edge. It’s not just about meeting today’s challenges; it’s about being prepared for the opportunities and demands of tomorrow.

The Road Ahead: Empowering Brokers

BIBA’s collaboration with FullCircl reflects a shared vision: to empower insurance brokers with the tools they need to thrive. SmartBroker’s insights are poised to drive strategic prospecting, elevate underwriting submissions, and foster client relationships that stand the test of time. As the partnership unfolds, insurance brokers have a powerful ally in their quest for excellence.

Conclusion: Empowered Brokers, Enhanced Solutions

The launch of SmartBroker marks a pivotal moment in the insurance industry, as BIBA and FullCircl join forces to introduce a transformative tool. As brokers navigate the complexities of the modern insurance landscape, SmartBroker stands as a beacon of intelligence, precision, and innovation. With a shared commitment to excellence, BIBA and FullCircl have forged a path that not only empowers brokers but redefines the possibilities within the realm of insurance.

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