BioWorld by Clarivate Explores the New Era of Radiopharmaceuticals and its Emergence as a Novel Cancer Therapy

April 14, 2023

BioWorld published by Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in connecting people and organizations to intelligence they can trust to transform their world, has released a new special series, Radiopharmaceuticals: The next big disrupter. In the eight-part series, BioWorld takes a deep dive into this new treatment modality to explore what the new uses or alternatives are and what the future of radiopharmaceutical therapy might look like.

The radiopharmaceutical market is projected to be worth nearly $12 billion by 2030. Radiopharma therapy is an emerging class of cancer therapeutics that delivers radiation directly to the tumor while minimizing radiation exposure to normal tissue. The sector, which only offered one therapy (iodine) in the 1950’s, has evolved to producing a myriad of drugs in the last decade that can deliver tumor-killing radioactive payloads to cancers while leaving healthy cells untouched. Having merged radiology and chemotherapy – radiopharma allows greater specificity and more biomarker-driven management of patients.

Staff Writer Tamra Sami leads the series, which takes a closer look at the different radiopharmaceutical moieties, the patient journey, therapies in the pipeline and supply chain vulnerabilities. Further, the series explores how the evolution of science behind radiopharma therapies might become an example of how scientific advances can enable further insights in a bench-to-bedside-to-bench loop as well as the challenges of complying with regulations from multiple government agencies. The eight-part series includes:

  1. How equipped are radiopharma stakeholders to overcome radioactive challenges?
  2. Radiopharmaceuticals are on their way to becoming mainstream cancer therapies, including a visual radiopharma history timeline and clarity on the main types of radioisotopes.
  3. Disrupting the oncology space – The patient journey, including a visual of the evolution of oncology therapy with a look ahead to the future of possibilities, such as attaching radioligands to different modalities like chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.
  4. Scientifically, radioligands may head from bedside back to bench, which explores how radioligand therapy offers new ways to tackle two of oncology’s most formidable obstacles to curing more cancers – resistance and metastases.
  5. Radiopharma pipeline gathers atomic speed, including a unique data snapshot of radiopharmaceuticals in the clinic for therapeutic use supported by a visual graphic breakdown by isotope.
  6. Keeping up with the technology is a growing task for regulators, including a unique data snapshot of NDAs approved by the US FDA, 2012-2022, by isotope and indication.
  7. Radiopharma industry grapples with supply challenges, including a visual snapshot of key questions and answers challenging the sector.
  8. How are radiopharma companies managing supply challenges? Drills down to solutions emerging among the industry’s key players.

Lynn Yoffee, Publisher, BioWorld said: “The use of radioactive elements to target cancer more specifically has been refined. As such, there’s increased momentum following some big deals, with Novartis AG in the lead, spending $6 billion on radiopharmaceutical acquisitions. The global radiopharma industry was estimated to be worth about $5 billion in 2017 and it could grow to $15 billion in the U.S. alone in the next few years. There are big challenges … mainly regulatory and supply chain issues. BioWorld’s investigative report breaks down the current state of the pipeline, with scientific and clinical updates, and takes a deep dive into the business and regulatory hurdles. The report also looks ahead at the growing potential for these therapies to help cancer patients.”

For more exclusive in-depth BioWorld coverage of advancements in radiopharmaceuticals, visit:

In addition, listen to the latest edition of the BioWorld Insider podcast, here where Tamra Sami summarizes the special report by taking a close look at the different radiopharmaceutical moieties and the science behind them, the supply chain vulnerabilities, the regulatory landscape, the patient journey and therapies in the pipeline.

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