birdie becomes NHS England assured Assured Supplier for Digital Social Care Records

February 15, 2023

birdie, the leading personalised home healthcare tech platform, has been assured by the NHS England Transformation Directorate as an Assured Supplier.

This assurance makes birdie an available digital option for domiciliary care businesses looking to take part in the Digitising Social Care programme, unlocking potential funding opportunities. Following a range of assessments, birdie will now feature on the Assured Supplier List for Digital Social Care Records (DSCR).

The DPS is a marketplace created by the NHS, where social care providers access a pre-vetted list of digital solutions provided by Assured Suppliers. The DPS is hosted on the Digital Social Care website, where you can also get tips on how best to benefit from, and partner with, an Assured Supplier – as well as view the full list of the DPS’ Assured Suppliers.

The Assured Supplier list is designed to support social care providers and organisations in making the switch to a DSCR. By giving access to a list of pre-vetted digital solutions, the aim is to make the digital transition quicker and easier – and ensure care providers can be as informed as possible when making this important decision.

To become an assured supplier, birdie had to meet the strict standards set by NHS England. Alongside assessments of core capabilities, birdie met stringent data security regulations, reliability measures, effectiveness requirements, and health and social care-specific certifications. birdie’s ease-of-use and support offering were also assured.

birdie CPO Rajiv Tanna said of joining the Assured Supplier list: “The whole team at birdie is humbled to get to support domiciliary care businesses as an Assured Supplier for NHS England. The inclusion on the Assured Supplier list is another step towards working alongside even more outstanding homecare providers as they uplift the lives of those they care for.”

Discussing how the move to birdie had helped their domiciliary care business, Managing Director of Caring Forever Harrison Fensome commented, “Time spent on processes has been dramatically reduced, because we’ve cut down the manual input… I’ve definitely noticed a big positive change in the team, because we’re all able to have more time to focus on the other areas of the business, and those back burner projects that always got pushed back.”

About birdie

Launched in 2017, birdie is the leading home healthcare tech platform helping the care community deliver personalised care at home. On a mission to reinvent care, birdie believes the elder generation should have vibrant and happy lives as they age in their own home. birdie’s all-in-one solution supports millions of care visits every month, equipping care providers with the tools they need to deliver better quality care and improve efficiency across most day-to-day operations. The B-Corp certified company was recently named as a top two Home Health Tech provider in the cohort of top 150 Most Innovative Digital Health startups by CB Insight in 2021. Birdie is headquartered in London and employs a team of over 100 employees.

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