Black Box Productions Wins Prestigious Award for Milestones Commercial at WINA – World Independent Advertising Awards

June 21, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Black Box Productions, a renowned video production company based in Montreal, has been honored with an award in the “Restaurants & Entertainment” category at the prestigious WINA – World Independent Advertising Awards.
  • The award-winning commercial, titled “Date Night,” is part of a series created for Milestones Restaurants, owned by Foodtastic, featuring engaging and relatable dining scenarios.
  • The commercial seamlessly blends strategic marketing insights with compelling visual storytelling, showcasing the expertise and creativity of Black Box Productions.
  • The collaboration between Black Box Productions and Milestones Restaurants has resulted in remarkable success, with a significant boost in revenue and a 25% year-over-year sales increase following the launch of the campaign.
  • The “Date Night” commercial was a collaborative effort involving talented individuals, including director Rouzbeh Heydari DGC, cinematographer Alessandro Lanzillotta, and scriptwriters Ben Goloff, Josh Usheroff, and Patricia Iacampo.

The WINA – World Independent Advertising Awards:

The WINA Awards, now in its seventh year, serves as an international platform for recognizing the creativity and excellence of independent agencies and networks from five continents. A distinguished panel of one hundred world-class judges meticulously selected this year’s winners. The prestigious award in the “Restaurants & Entertainment” category was bestowed upon Black Box Productions for their exceptional commercial, “Date Night.”

Captivating Audiences with “Date Night”:

The award-winning commercial, “Date Night,” is part of a series created for Milestones Restaurants, a prominent brand owned by Foodtastic. The series revolves around a young couple, engaging in relatable dining scenarios portrayed in a humorous and charming manner. Black Box Productions masterfully combines strategic marketing insights with compelling visual storytelling, a signature strength that has become synonymous with their work.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the WINA Awards. We’re passionate about creating content that not only looks great but also helps our clients meet their strategic goals,” expresses Josh Usheroff, co-founder of Black Box Productions.

Delivering Results for Milestones Restaurants:

The impact of Black Box Productions’ collaboration with Milestones Restaurants is evident in the brand’s success. Vlad Ciobanu, VP of Marketing at Foodtastic, emphasizes the positive outcome, stating, “Our collaboration with Black Box Productions yielded remarkable results. The creative storytelling in these commercials helped to elevate our brand and delivered a major boost to our revenue.” Following the launch of the campaign in Q4 2022, Milestones Restaurants witnessed a significant year-over-year sales increase of 25%. The ad was supported by a substantial broadcast television ad spend and garnered over 100k views on Facebook.

“Date Night” is the third commercial out of the six that Black Box Productions will produce for the Milestones brand, showcasing their continued partnership and commitment to creating compelling content.

The Collaborative Effort and Core Values:

The success of the “Date Night” commercial was the result of a collaborative effort involving talented individuals. Rouzbeh Heydari DGC directed the commercial, with Alessandro Lanzillotta handling the cinematography. The initial concept was developed by Patricia Iacampo, Milestones’ Marketing Director, in collaboration with the Foodtastic marketing team. The script was skillfully crafted by Heydari, Goloff, Usheroff, and Iacampo, further enhancing the storytelling elements.

“We’ve built our reputation on strategic thinking, craftsmanship, and adaptability,” adds Ben Goloff, co-founder of Black Box Productions. “This award is a testament to these core values and the dedication of our team.”

About Black Box Productions:

Founded by industry professionals Josh Usheroff and Ben Goloff, Black Box Productions is a full-service video production company that takes a “strategy-first” approach to video marketing. They combine strategic insight, high-quality production, and compelling storytelling to deliver captivating content tailored to their clients’ marketing objectives.

About Milestones:

For over 30 years, Milestones has been a leader in the casual fine-dining space in Canada, offering a unique dining experience. With a focus on value, hospitality, comfort, and familiar food with a twist, Milestones provides the perfect backdrop for celebrating important occasions, enjoying Sunday morning brunch, or having a drink with friends during happy hour. The brand continues to differentiate itself from the competition while staying true to its roots.

About WINA:

WINA (World Independent Advertising Awards) is the academic response to the growing wave of independent multinational agencies and networks, aiming to provide a fair, independent, and visible space for their recognition. Created in 2016, WINA recognizes the work of independent multinational agencies and networks from five continents, with a distinguished jury panel comprising one hundred world-class judges.


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