Bridgehaven Insurance Launches as a Hybrid-Fronting Carrier in the UK

July 9, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Bridgehaven Insurance, a new hybrid-fronting carrier, has officially launched in the UK with the backing of private equity firm Flexpoint Ford.
  2. The company aims to be the leading UK insurer of commercial & specialty lines, working closely with Managing General Agents (MGAs) and reinsurers.
  3. Paul Jewell, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, will serve as the Chief Executive Officer.

About Bridgehaven Insurance and Flexpoint Ford

Bridgehaven Insurance is a newly launched UK-based hybrid-fronting carrier focused on commercial & specialty lines, aiming to create strong relationships with MGAs and reinsurers. The company is backed by Flexpoint Ford, a private equity firm with significant experience in the insurance sector and around $7.5 billion of regulatory assets under management.

Launch of Bridgehaven Insurance

Bridgehaven Insurance has officially launched, following approval from the Prudential Regulatory Authority. The company aims to be the UK’s leading hybrid-fronting insurer of commercial & specialty lines, fostering open dialogue among all partners, including MGAs and reinsurers. Through a flexible risk appetite, Bridgehaven intends to support MGAs and program managers who have demonstrated profitable underwriting results and a focus on commercial and specialty risks.

Statements from Bridgehaven and Flexpoint Ford

CEO Paul Jewell expressed enthusiasm about the company’s potential to redefine the UK insurance landscape through meaningful, collaborative partnerships with insurers, MGAs, and reinsurers. He highlighted the hybrid-fronting model as a mechanism that grants MGAs the ability to focus on underwriting excellent insurance products.

Chris Ackerman and Dominic Hood from Flexpoint Ford shared their excitement about partnering with Bridgehaven and their belief in the potential of the fronting model for the UK specialty commercial insurance market.

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