Bridging Investment Worlds: How Airwallex and Public Are Simplifying Cross-Border Investments for UK Investors

September 2, 2023
Airwallex and Public partner to minimise FX costs for UK investors purchasing U.S.-based equities

Key Takeaways:

  • Airwallex, a global financial platform, partners with Public, a U.S.-based multi-asset investment platform.
  • The partnership aims to reduce conversion costs for UK investors buying U.S.-listed equities.
  • Public extends its services to the UK, marking its first international expansion.
  • Both companies offer robust APIs and toolkits to ensure a frictionless investment experience.

About Airwallex and Public

Airwallex: Founded in Melbourne, Airwallex is a global financial platform designed for modern businesses. It offers an array of services including payments, treasury, and spend management to over 100,000 businesses worldwide. Authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, Airwallex aims to eliminate friction in global payments and financial operations.

Public: Public is a multi-asset investment platform based in the U.S. that allows individual investors to invest in a wide variety of financial products, from stocks and ETFs to cryptocurrencies and fine art. With its recent entry into the UK market, Public now allows UK investors to access over 5,000 U.S.-listed equities, providing valuable insights and community-driven advice.

The Inception of a Groundbreaking Partnership

The partnership between Airwallex and Public came at a critical time when Public was extending its services to the UK, marking its first international expansion. The collaboration is set to provide a seamless investment experience for UK investors interested in U.S.-based equities.

Ryan O’Holleran, Head of Enterprise Sales, EMEA at Airwallex, articulated the essence of this alliance, stating, “Access to a global investing platform levels the playing field for retail investors, and Airwallex’s financial operating infrastructure enables businesses like Public to operate on a global scale. We’re excited to be powering Public’s UK app and further break down barriers for UK investors to access the U.S. market.”

The Technology Behind the Partnership

Financial Infrastructure & Global Payment Capabilities

At the core of this partnership lies Airwallex’s robust financial infrastructure and global payment capabilities. Airwallex’s API and developer toolkit enable Public to offer a frictionless conversion experience from GBP to USD. This means that UK investors can now invest in U.S. equities without worrying about hefty foreign exchange fees.

Expanding User Base

The tech-driven facilities provided by Airwallex also give Public a competitive edge in growing its UK user base. By leveraging Airwallex’s financial infrastructure, Public aims to offer low FX fees and zero-commission trading during U.S. stock market hours to its UK customers.

Dann Bibas, GM of International at Public, remarked, “Partnering with Airwallex has allowed Public to take the first step toward growing from a U.S.-based-investment platform to a global one, aligning with our mission of making public markets work for all people. Looking ahead, we’re confident that Airwallex’s suite of products across cross-border payments and FX will enable Public to support more investors in more places for a long time to come.”

Benefits for UK Investors

Wide Range of Equities

The collaboration has opened up a portfolio of over 5,000 U.S.-listed equities for UK investors, all within an arm’s reach via the Public app.

Low Conversion Costs

With Airwallex’s powerful financial tools integrated into Public’s app, UK investors can enjoy low FX fees, making it affordable to invest in U.S. markets.

Zero Commission Trading

The partnership ensures zero-commission trading during U.S. stock market hours, making the investment journey even more attractive for UK investors.

The Road Ahead

As Public sets its sight on global expansion, its partnership with Airwallex marks a significant milestone in achieving its mission of making public markets accessible to everyone. Meanwhile, Airwallex continues to strive toward removing the operational and financial borders for businesses across the globe. Together, they are creating an ecosystem that is not only investor-friendly but also paves the way for a more interconnected and frictionless financial future.

For more information, you can visit Airwallex and Public.

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