Broadcasting the Future: London’s Top Startup Broadcasting Companies

July 31, 2023


London’s startup ecosystem is a melting pot of creativity and innovation, and the broadcasting sector is no exception. From real-time fan engagement to virtual reality studios, these startups are redefining the way we consume and interact with content. In this article, we showcase 15 intriguing broadcasting startups in London that are at the forefront of revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry.

Sport Buff: Elevating Fan Engagement with Gamification

Sport Buff is a real-time fan engagement broadcast media that takes gamification to the next level, captivating audiences worldwide. W:

True Royalty TV: A Royal Treat for Enthusiasts

True Royalty TV is a channel dedicated to all things Royal, offering an exclusive and regal experience to its viewers. W: The Gateway to Simultaneous Streaming is the world’s first and only mobile app and desktop streaming platform that allows users to go live across multiple social networks simultaneously. W:

PromoMii: Powering Video Content Creation with AI

PromoMii is an A.I. powered video content creation SaaS platform trusted by major brands like Disney, NENT, and VRT. W:

OZ, US: Creating Out-of-this-World Live Experiences

OZ, US is a leading tech company energizing live events and bringing communities together through immersive experiences.

Virgin Media O2: Empowering Next-Generation Connectivity

Virgin Media O2 is an investor firm providing cutting-edge 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile services. W:

Noor Play: Streaming Services for Everyone

Noor Play offers streaming services for TV shows, movies, and kids shows, catering to diverse audience preferences. W:

7TH MINUTE: Unraveling Contextual Data & Insights

7TH MINUTE offers a Freemium, SaaS TV Contextual Data & Insights Platform for enhanced decision-making.

Stellar Global: Transforming Retail Experiences

Stellar Global is a retail agency specializing in branding, innovative product design, data analytics, and virtual merchandising services. W:

urFeed: A User-Owned Social Platform

urFeed empowers users with a unique user-owned social platform that fosters community-driven content creation. W:

Parable Works: Blending Reality with Virtual Studios

Parable Works is a Virtual Reality and Television Studio & Agency, creating immersive content experiences. W:

Player+ (PlayerPlus Limited): Empowering Video Streaming Solutions

Player+ offers B2B2C video streaming services, OTT, TVOD, SVOD, PayTV, Content Aggregation, and Content Distribution. W:

Turbine Studios: Crafting High-Quality Returning Drama

Turbine Studios excels in creating distinctive content, focusing on high-quality returning drama for captivating storytelling. W:

London Filmed: Innovating Event Tech

London Filmed is an event-tech company transforming event experiences with cutting-edge technology. W:

Fluuid: Connecting Content Creators with Audiences

Fluuid connects content creators with brands and online audiences, fostering authentic and engaging partnerships. W:


London’s broadcasting startups are shaping the future of media and entertainment, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and immersive experiences. From real-time fan engagement to virtual reality studios, these startups are revolutionizing content creation, curation, and distribution. As they continue to push the boundaries of innovation, these broadcasting startups are undoubtedly the pioneers of tomorrow’s media landscape, inspiring creativity and captivating audiences worldwide.

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