Brytlyt Transforms Analytics with Their Stellar 5.0 Release: Fostering Rapid, Intuitive Data Insights

August 5, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Brytlyt launches their 5.0 version, enhancing their GPU-accelerated analytics platform to improve user experience and drive flexible data visualization.
  • A meticulous 18-month development process led to substantial changes in the platform’s graphical user interface.
  • Significant additions include an advanced mapping editor, an extensive library for chart creation, enhanced scripting, intuitive data filtering, and in-app documentation.
  • Brytlyt moves to a serverless platform for cost-effective, flexible, on-demand GPU-powered data visualization.
  • Augmented data science features have been introduced, including components for deep learning on structured data and deployment of neural networks.

About Brytlyt

Brytlyt, a dynamic start-up originating from the UK, is on a mission to revolutionize data analytics. They are the architects behind a GPU-accelerated analytics platform that promises to deliver “Speed of Thought Analytics”. Using GPU and patent-pending algorithms, Brytlyt’s data processing engine boosts speed to unprecedented levels, being independently benchmarked as over 1,000 times faster than conventional technologies. The heart of Brytlyt’s breakthroughs lies in enabling rapid, accurate analysis of the most recent data, thus supporting agile, data-driven decision-making.

Unveiling Brytlyt 5.0: A New Era of Data Analytics

The latest offering from Brytlyt, version 5.0, sets a new standard in data analytics. After 18 months of rigorous development, the Brytlyt team has fine-tuned their high-performance visualization tool to deliver an enhanced user experience while providing unparalleled flexibility.

Richard Heyns, the founder and CEO of Brytlyt, remarks, “Our aim is to empower Speed of Thought Analytics. This means empowering the user experience to be highly intuitive and productive when using our platform. For new and existing users, our developments are always focused on making their journey to meaningful insight as quick and easy as possible.”

Revamping the User Experience

The Brytlyt team has gone above and beyond to ensure an optimal user experience. By leveraging feedback from users and collaborating with UX experts, the platform’s interactivity and ease of use have been completely transformed.

Mapping Editor: Navigating Data with Ease

Brytlyt 5.0’s revamped mapping editor has undergone the most extensive changes. Users now find it easier than ever to build, edit, and navigate interactive charts, making data visualization seamless and comprehensible at both macro and micro levels.

Chart Creation: Turning Visions into Visuals

With a comprehensive library of charts available within the platform, users are no longer limited by predefined templates. Brytlyt 5.0 lets users unleash their creativity, enabling them to visualize data in whatever way they envision.

Advanced Scripting: Customization at Your Fingertips

Brytlyt 5.0 offers advanced scripting features that are simpler and more intuitive to use. The new auto-generators, syntax suggestions, and ample examples allow users to create highly customized and responsive worksheets with minimal effort.

Data Filtering: Swift Insights into Data

Significant improvements have been made to the data filtering functionality in Brytlyt 5.0, ensuring users can get valuable insights faster than ever before.

In-app Documentation: Instantaneous Help

With Brytlyt 5.0, users can alt-click any element to instantly access relevant documentation fragments within the application, rendering the need for external documentation obsolete.

A Serverless Leap and Augmented Data Science

One of the most significant strides Brytlyt has taken with its 5.0 release is transitioning to a serverless platform. This move ensures cost-effective, on-demand, flexible GPU-powered data visualization, all available via a browser login.

Moreover, Brytlyt has added components for deep learning on structured data and the deployment of neural networks, further enhancing their platform’s capabilities. This tight MLOps integration promises to further propel Brytlyt’s platform as an unmatched tool for data analysis, particularly for geospatial workloads.

Brytlyt 5.0 marks a significant milestone in Brytlyt’s journey, paving the way for more advanced analytics capabilities in the future. By constantly pushing boundaries and increasing the usability of advanced tools, Brytlyt continues to claim its place as the world’s fastest and most advanced analytics platform for large and complex data.

With more exciting updates on the horizon throughout 2023, it’s clear that Brytlyt’s commitment to transforming the realm of data analytics is unwavering. Be sure to follow Brytlyt’s journey on their social channels and experience the revolution firsthand by creating an account at

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