Business And Climate Leader Jerome Lucaes, Unveils FAST FORWARD ZERO To Support Businesses To Decarbonize

February 15, 2023

FAST FORWARD ZERO, a climate and sustainability company has launched its services and website to help businesses to transform to NET ZERO, circular and inclusive operating models. FAST FORWARD ZERO will also help investors and other business leaders to build collaborative coalitions to shape better systems and solve complex problems.

Leveraging over 25 years of experience, Chief Executive Officer, Jerome Lucaes, works with a network of well-established experts and institutions to develop relevant and applicable solutions that inspire sustainable transformations to leverage unique competitive advantages.

Jerome is one of the very few business leaders with real experience and premium sustainability achievements which have been transformative for the metals markets and their supply chains.

Jerome has worked for and with leading organisations like Rio Tinto, EN+-RUSAL, World Economic Forum, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, International Aluminium Institute, European Aluminium, and Mission Possible Partnership. He Co-founded the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative when he worked for Rio Tinto. Jerome was at the forefront of shaping Rio Tinto and EN+/RUSAL’s strategies to progress toward zero carbon. He also created ALLOW (low carbon aluminium by RUSAL) to stimulate demand at scale for low/zero-carbon materials across the value chains for automotive, beverage, packaging, building, cables and consumer products.

FAST FORWARD ZERO’s business expertise includes decarbonisation and sustainability transformation in metals & mining, energy automotive, beverage, packaging, cable, building, and consumer electronics industries.

CEO Jerome Lucaes said: “I am thrilled to announce the launch of FAST FORWARD ZERO to help accelerate the transformation of businesses toward a net zero carbon reality. Building on decades of expertise and innovation in the mining and metals industry, and supply-chains, my partners and I are well-positioned to provide critical insights for quality net zero inclusive transformation for businesses”


FAST FORWARD ZERO is led by Jerome Lucaes, a senior experienced business leader with a strong sustainability track record. +20 years of world-leading roles in climate and sustainability in the metals & mining industry. The company’s main areas of action and experience are net zero carbon transformation, sustainability-driven business strategy, marketing plans, risk-based assessments, brand creation and development, innovation, metals and mining, raw materials, supply chains, and multistakeholder collaborative coalitions. The company advises business leaders, boards of directors, investors and funds – Co-invest in start-ups – Create and manage collaborative coalitions.

For more information about the company and its work, go to

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