BZ’s Strategic Leap: Landmark Funding Line to Revolutionize Asset-Based Lending

August 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • BZ, a UK-based asset lender, has secured a major senior funding line that will reshape its mid-market debt offerings.
  • This move will offer new clients full asset-based lending solutions ranging from £10m-£150m, along with cashflow loans and cross-border capabilities.
  • Working in collaboration with UBS, this step fortifies BZ’s ambitions to become the UK’s leading independent asset-based lender.

About BZ: Pioneers in Asset-Based Lending

BZ is a specialized asset-based lender based in the United Kingdom, renowned for its bespoke structured financial solutions. The company has consistently offered flexible and price-competitive financing across multiple products and jurisdictions. With its latest funding initiative, BZ is poised to significantly extend its portfolio, targeting to become the leading independent asset-based lender in the UK.

The Milestone: Securing a Major Senior Funding Line

A Transformational Move

In the midst of an ever-tightening lending market, BZ has pulled off a game-changing move by completing a senior funding line. This not only diversifies BZ’s existing product range but also infuses additional capital across all products, allowing the lender to be even more competitive on pricing.

Partnering with UBS

BZ’s collaboration with UBS is a testament to its strong market position. Neal McMinn, Executive Director of UBS, emphasized the strategic significance: “We are very pleased to be able to support BZ with a new financing facility. BZ is a market leader in the non-bank asset-based lending arena, and we are excited to be able to help the business grow.”

What This Means for Clients: Flexible, Competitive Financing

An Enhanced Mid-Market Offering

The new funding line introduces an enhanced mid-market debt offering that promises greater flexibility and competitiveness. It aims to benefit eligible new clients with full asset-based lending solutions that range from £10m to £150m, complemented by cashflow loans and cross-border capabilities.

A Statement of Intent

Jeremy Stagg, Director of BZ, didn’t mince words when he said, “BZ has long been recognized as a leading provider of bespoke funding solutions across a range of products and jurisdictions, underpinned by the desire to work in partnership with clients to understand their needs and help meet their objectives.”

The Bigger Picture: BZ’s Road to Market Leadership

Expansion and Strategy

With this newfound capital and strategic partnership with UBS, BZ aims to significantly expand its portfolio. The goal is to extend its reach in the mid-market sector, offering both old and new clients a variety of financing options that are both flexible and competitively priced.

Setting New Benchmarks

The new funding line is more than a financial agreement; it’s a clear message to the industry about BZ’s ambition and vision for the future. With eyes set on becoming the leading independent asset-based lender in the UK, BZ is paving the way for how asset-based lending could and should be approached.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Asset-Based Lending

The lending landscape is undergoing seismic shifts, driven by economic uncertainties, technological advancements, and consumer demands for more flexible financing options. In this rapidly evolving milieu, BZ’s new funding line is a significant leap towards defining what modern, customer-focused asset-based lending can look like.

Neal McMinn of UBS summed it up aptly: “We look forward to building upon this successful venture in the future.” With this new funding line, BZ isn’t just preparing for the future; it’s actively shaping it.

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