Cambridge Healthcare Research reveals new brand identities to support its ambitious growth trajectory

January 6, 2023

Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR), a leading strategic consultancy in healthcare and life sciences, has completed an extensive rebrand in response to the accelerated growth of the business. The rebrand, which sees new visual identities across the divisions, also refreshed the company’s vision ‘to be the organisation that helps the brightest ideas reach patients’. At the heart of this work is the move to a ‘house of brands’ model, which will propel our vision by allowing each division to better meet the strategic needs of its client organisations.

The strategic competitive intelligence division of CHR will now be known as Solici (pronounced sol-e-sigh). Vox.Bio, the market research division, retains its current name but with a refreshed logo and visual identity. CHR will remain the corporate arm of the business, gaining a new logo and identity to unite these and future brands.

Over the last 12 months, Solici and Vox.Bio have cemented their status as market leaders in their fields. Collectively, the two divisions have seen incredible growth since their inception, supporting more than 60 healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and NGOs across more than 30 countries.

Powered by recent growth across the senior team, including Richard Withers as strategic advisor, Stephen Galt as Chief Commercial Officer, and Jo Haigh as Chair of the Board, CHR is committed to giving its clients the power of knowing that their decisions are supported by market-beating insights and strategic thinking.

“The rebrand is a major milestone for the company and something we have been looking forward to announcing for a long time,” said Matteo Perucchini, co-founder and CEO of CHR, adding: “The new brands, as well as the evolution of our vision and mission, illustrate our growing ambition in the market.”

“The brands allow us to showcase both our strategic thinking and our creative approaches to helping our clients. United by a common thread, the power of knowing, our brands are strong enough to stand independently and to support each other.”

The brands were created in conjunction with award-winning Brighton agency, UnitedUs. Natalie Burns, Strategy Partner at UnitedUs said of the brand: “The new growth positioning for CHR truly reflects the value they provide to their clients. Across our primary research, clients spoke to us of the qualities of agility, partnership and curiosity; ultimately providing them with the power of knowing – whether it’s knowing their next move, their customer or the right price. The new visual and verbal identities are crafted to pay homage to this shared thread across the CHR group, while also amplifying the unique facets of each dedicated service line – the opportunities brought to light by Solici, and the confidence that strategies will succeed with Vox.Bio. These are game-changing businesses in Life Sciences that are now ready to show the world just how good they are.”

‘The power of knowing’ is the central thread which unites all the Cambridge Healthcare Research divisions. This reflects the company’s commitment to ensuring its clients are armed with an unrivalled awareness of their commercial and clinical landscape, as well as their opportunity for impact.

The largest change in the rebrand process is the move of the strategic competitive intelligence services to a new division – Solici.

The name Solici is rooted in the idea of brightness (the sun – sol). Its logo captures the notion of looking deeper for insight and illuminating blind spots that take clients further, reflecting the priorities of the division.

Vox.Bio’s refreshed logo and visual identity focuses on demonstrating the exactness and certainty that the market research division provides to clients. This ensures they have the power of knowing that their strategies will succeed, and their communications will connect.

Find out more about the new brands by visiting their websites

About Cambridge Healthcare Research

Founded in 2013, Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR) is committed to being the go-to strategic partner for every healthcare decision-maker. CHR is the umbrella brand for both Solici and Vox.Bio. It has ambitions to grow its consultancy services to support a wider range of stakeholders and strategic areas across the healthcare landscape.

About Solici

Solici is the strategic competitive intelligence division of CHR. Solici provides strategic decision support across the pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer healthcare industries, working closely with clients on asset commercialisation, product strategy, and future opportunities. Solici helps find the hard-to-reach insights and gives clients the power of knowing that their next strategic move is the right one, helping clients navigate difficult commercial decisions, mapping their position in complex markets, and understanding the impact of their activities.

About Vox.Bio

Founded in 2017, Vox.Bio is the dynamic healthcare market research division of CHR, using methodologies that break the mould. Vox.Bio gains unrivalled understanding of the healthcare landscape and unlocks unexpected insights so that when the time comes, its clients’ strategies stand out – giving clients the power of knowing that their strategy will succeed, their communications will connect, and their launch will land.

About UnitedUs

UnitedUs is an award-winning branding agency that unites commerce and creativity, fosters collaboration and creates brands that raise the game. They believe that brands do more than simply look good, they unite your people, define your purpose, and unlock your potential. UnitedUs work with a diverse global group of ambitious clients from household names like LEGO, Aon, and London Irish RFC, to independent game changers. Together with their clients, UnitedUs delivers brands that are the difference between business strategies that look good on paper and those that work in practice and enable businesses to exceed all expectations.

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