C&G Unveils Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning Division: Elevating Compliance Talent in Financial Services

August 26, 2023
C&G Regulatory Solutions

Key Takeaways

  • C&G Regulatory Solutions proudly introduces its new Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning division, catering to tailored talent solutions for compliance and risk within the financial services sector.
  • Seasoned professional Luiza Barwood joins C&G to lead the division, bringing a wealth of experience in global financial services talent management.
  • The division offers Talent Acquisition services to attract compliance and risk management experts, as well as Workforce Planning strategies customized to align human capital with business goals and risk management objectives.
  • C&G’s commitment to exceptional service delivery aims to elevate industry standards and empower financial organizations for success.

About C&G Regulatory Solutions: Pioneering Compliance Excellence

LONDON, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — C&G Regulatory Solutions, a premier compliance consultancy, has unveiled a significant enhancement to its service offerings with the launch of the Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning division. Geared towards providing tailored talent solutions for compliance and risk management in the financial services sector, this initiative reflects C&G’s steadfast commitment to enabling organizations to navigate regulatory challenges with finesse.

A Visionary Leader Joins the Team

C&G is proud to welcome Luiza Barwood, a distinguished Resourcing and Talent Management professional, to lead the newly established division. With a remarkable track record of successfully managing global financial services talent teams, Luiza possesses a deep understanding of the pivotal role compliance and risk attributes play within the sector. Leveraging her industry insights and expertise, Luiza’s leadership will spearhead the optimization of talent strategies tailored to the unique needs of financial organizations.

Alex Culley, Founder and CEO of C&G Regulatory Solutions, expressed his excitement about Luiza’s inclusion, stating, “We are excited to have Luiza onboard to lead our new Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning division. Her passion for people and extensive experience in talent management exemplify our commitment to delivering top-notch talent solutions to financial services organizations.”

In response, Luiza commented, “I look forward to working with our clients to identify and attract top talent, ensuring their organizations remain agile and compliant amidst the evolving regulatory landscape.”

Tailored Talent Solutions for Compliance and Risk

The newly launched division encompasses two fundamental aspects: Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning. Both facets are meticulously designed to address the specific needs of financial organizations seeking to bolster their compliance and risk management capabilities.

Talent Acquisition: Navigating Regulatory Expertise

The Talent Acquisition services within the division focus on identifying and attracting exceptional talent in compliance and risk management. Leveraging C&G’s extensive network and industry insights, the division plays a pivotal role in connecting financial organizations with highly skilled professionals. This strategic approach ensures that organizations have access to the right expertise required to navigate the intricate and evolving regulatory landscape effectively.

Workforce Planning: Customized Human Capital Strategies

Complementing the Talent Acquisition service, the Workforce Planning aspect of the division offers tailored strategies that optimize human capital in alignment with business objectives and risk management goals. These custom strategies address talent gaps, foster a culture of compliance and excellence, and ultimately enhance operational efficiency. By investing in human capital aligned with regulatory resilience, clients can fortify their standing within the dynamic financial services landscape.

Elevating Industry Standards and Empowering Success

C&G Regulatory Solutions has a history of delivering exceptional services that empower organizations to thrive within the complex regulatory environment. The launch of the Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning division marks yet another significant stride in this journey. By offering specialized talent solutions, C&G aims to elevate industry standards and equip financial organizations with the resources needed to achieve unparalleled success.

About C&G Regulatory Solutions: Forging a Path in Compliance Excellence

C&G Regulatory Solutions stands as a boutique compliance consultancy that offers unparalleled regulatory knowledge across various sectors. With a strong emphasis on empowering organizations through innovative compliance and risk solutions, C&G’s experts ensure sustained growth and success for its clients.

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