Charlotte John Joins the A-Team at Redgrave: A Strategic Move in Real Estate Recruitment

August 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Charlotte John, with years of experience in recruitment and real estate, has joined Redgrave’s Real Assets practice.
  • Her appointment adds substantial depth to Redgrave’s expertise in the real estate sector.
  • Redgrave is a leading executive search and leadership advisory firm with a global presence.

The Importance of Charlotte John’s Appointment

In a move that has excited both recruitment and real estate industries, Charlotte John has recently joined Redgrave, a global leadership advisory firm. Her appointment is not just a simple addition to the team but a strategic expansion into real estate and property services. With her extensive background in both the real estate and recruitment sectors, John brings a multi-dimensional approach to Redgrave’s existing services.

James Paviour, Head of Redgrave’s Real Assets practice, exclaimed, “We are delighted that Charlotte has joined our team, bringing years of experience engaging with leaders across the real estate industry. The addition of her deep functional and industry knowledge means our clients will further benefit from her specialist expertise and energy.”

Who is Charlotte John?

A Chartered Surveyor by initial profession, Charlotte John shifted her career focus in 2005 towards recruitment. She became part of a global recruitment company that specialized in hiring for Construction, Engineering, and Property & Finance industries. From the United Kingdom to Abu Dhabi and New Zealand, John successfully built and led teams, further solidifying her credentials.

Her most recent stint was at Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate advisory business, where she managed their talent acquisition function for seven years. Given her skill set and aspirations, it comes as no surprise that she decided to re-enter the realm of executive search to design customized recruitment solutions.

“I am passionate about collaborating on creating talent strategies that source the best and most diverse candidates in the market,” Charlotte John commented. “Through my years in executive search, I have discovered that the most successful results are those where we seamlessly integrate with our clients’ teams. I’m excited to join Redgrave because their passion, culture, and ambition matches my own.”

About Redgrave

Headquartered in London, Redgrave is a global leadership advisory firm fervently passionate about people. The firm is specialized in helping leaders shape the future of their businesses by aligning them with exceptional talent. Their range of services includes search, executive assessment, executive interim, and talent consulting.

What Does This Mean for Redgrave?

Charlotte John’s appointment takes Redgrave’s capacity for targeted and effective leadership recruitment in the real estate sector to new heights. Her unparalleled experience allows the firm to refine its existing real estate recruitment practice, offering a more tailored and comprehensive service to clients.

Moreover, John’s background in multiple international markets is likely to be a boon for Redgrave’s global operations. Her awareness of different cultures and industry practices can help clients source the best talent irrespective of geographical limitations.

The Human Side of the Corporate Ladder

While Charlotte’s professional achievements speak for themselves, she is also an individual who values family. A committed spouse and mother of two young children, John believes in a work-life balance that not only fuels her professional passion but also enriches her personal life. It’s this sense of balance and focus on human values that makes her a perfect fit for Redgrave, a firm known for its ‘relentless passion for people.’

Wrapping it Up

Charlotte John’s joining the Redgrave team is not just a personnel addition; it’s a strategic move aimed at amplifying the firm’s influence and efficacy in the real estate sector. Her multi-faceted experience equips Redgrave with the tools needed to offer their clients more specialized and effective recruitment services. As both the real estate industry and executive search sector evolve, Charlotte John and Redgrave are positioned to lead the way.

The future of real estate recruitment looks bright, and it has Charlotte John’s name written all over it.

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