Charting New Heights in the Digital Revolution: UST Sets the Pace in the Business Transformation Sector

July 22, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. UST, renowned for its digital transformation solutions, is poised for growth in the $2.4 trillion digital business transformation market.
  2. UST Evolve, a dedicated global digital business transformation group, is instrumental in UST’s transformation efforts.
  3. UST is expanding its expertise by bringing on board industry leaders in strategic business consulting, human-centered design, and transformational technology solutions.

UST: A Beacon of Excellence in Digital Business Transformation

As a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, UST is set to leverage its unique blend of strategy, technology, and design to carve out a significant position in the estimated $2.4 trillion digital business transformation market. UST’s digital business transformation team, having worked across numerous sectors, is well-recognized for excellence in leading and executing effective transformations.

Driving Transformation: UST Evolve

At the heart of UST’s transformation success lies UST Evolve, a global group comprising strategists, designers, technologists, and domain experts. UST Evolve is committed to overcoming complex challenges through practical approaches that yield bold results. This group taps into the collective prowess of UST, enabling the creation and delivery of future-fit solutions that facilitate digital business transformations for premier enterprises worldwide.

Christopher Loughlin, Global Head of Digital Transformation, leads the charge at UST Evolve. “We consider business strategy, organizational change management, digital transformation, new product or service design, and business model innovation simultaneously. We bring together the might of UST for our clients — a cross-pollinated group of specialists that includes design thinkers, data and AI specialists, cloud technologists, supply chain experts, and innovators,” Loughlin states.

Prioritizing User-centric Transformation: UST’s Design Leadership

UST’s Head of Design, David Thorpe, takes the helm in guiding user-focused transformation journeys for UST Evolve. With years of experience in design innovation, Thorpe empowers clients to efficiently address their customers’ ever-changing needs. “The tools of the designer have proven invaluable to transformation initiatives large and small, making things better and removing risk,” Thorpe asserts.

Bridging Business and Technology: The Role of Cloud Advisory

As Head of Cloud Advisory at UST and a pivotal member of UST Evolve, Rick Clark brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in cloud, open source, Linux, and security to the team. Clark emphasizes, “We understand our customers’ businesses as well as their technology stack, and we develop bespoke solutions that accelerate innovation while maintaining governance and standardization across an enterprise’s cloud ecosystem.”

About UST

UST, for over 23 years, has collaborated with the world’s leading companies, making significant impacts through transformation. This transformation is powered by technology, inspired by people, and led by UST’s purpose. UST partners with its clients from design to operation, pinpointing their core challenges, and crafting disruptive solutions that turn their vision into reality.

UST’s nimble approach allows it to embed innovation and agility into its clients’ organizations, delivering measurable value and lasting change across industries, and around the world. With over 30,000 employees spread across more than 30 countries, UST works to build boundless impact, touching billions of lives in the process.

UST’s latest initiative, UST Evolve, reinforces its commitment to making technology more useful for humanity and valuable for its clients. This commitment to business transformation has solidified UST’s role as a vital partner for its clients over the past two decades. The new team of key industry leaders promises to expand UST’s expertise and focus in the ever-growing digital business transformation market, poised to bring unprecedented success in this vibrant landscape.

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