Chemitek Solar & Green Energy Park: Latest Scientific Paper Demonstrates RealWorld 3% Cumulative Energy Production Gain with Innovative Anti-Soiling Coatings

May 26, 2023

The Green Energy Park, in collaboration with ChemiTek Solar, a
Portuguese industrial manufacturer specializing in anti-soiling solutions for PV modules, has
successfully concluded the outdoor testing and characterization of ChemiTek’s cutting-edge
anti-soiling coatings. The results have been published by Heliyon, the all-science, open
access journal.

The objective of the research paper titled “Performance Analysis of Innovative Cleaning and
Soiling Mitigation Solutions in the Semi-Arid Climate of Benguerir, Morocco” was to evaluate
the performance of antistatic and hydrophobic coatings for photovoltaic solar panels in the
challenging semi-arid weather conditions of Benguerir, Morocco.

The study involved testing various coating and cleaning strategies on five photovoltaic (PV)
systems, all with the same PV panels and electrical configurations. The first PV system
remained uncleaned and did not undergo any coating or cleaning solutions. The second PV
system was periodically cleaned with just water. The third PV system employed the Solar
Wash Protect (SWP) cleaning and antistatic protection solution. The fourth and fifth PV
systems, D-Solar Defender (DSD) and Industrial Glass Protect (IGP) respectively, employed
unique combinations of two hydrophobic coatings.

After nine months of operation, the results demonstrated significant efficiency gains in the
coated PV panels compared to the reference system. During the initial three-month cleaning
period, the average efficiency gain of the coated PV panels was approximately 10%. In the
subsequent non-cleaning period of six months, the efficiency gain remained around 5%. The
cumulative energy gain of the coated systems, compared to the water-cleaned reference,
reached an average of 3% after the outdoor exposure period.

Importantly, the presence of the coatings on the PV modules significantly reduced the
quantity of water needed to clean them. The Solar Wash Protect (SWP) cleaning and antistatic
protection solution, for instance, required 50% less water compared to the system cleaned
without a cleaning solution. This water-saving feature not only contributes to environmental
conservation but also makes the panels easier to clean.

“These research findings emphasize the significance of employing innovative cleaning and
preventive maintenance strategies, such as anti-soiling coatings, in dry areas to enhance the
performance of photovoltaic systems,” stated Dr. César Martins, CEO of Chemitek. “This
research has significant implications for investors, researchers, and engineers interested in
grid-connected photovoltaic and soiling mitigation technology.”

By addressing the persistent challenge of PV panel soiling, ChemiTek’s breakthrough
solutions pave the way for enhanced energy generation, reduced maintenance
requirements, and increased efficiency in PV systems, while also promoting environmental sustainability through water conservation.

The full scientific paper is available for reading and download on Helyon’s website:

About Green Energy Park

The Green Energy Park is a renowned research and development
facility dedicated to advancing sustainable energy technologies. Located in Benguerir,
Morocco, the park serves as a hub for collaboration between industry experts, scientists, and
engineers, aiming to drive innovation and promote a greener future.

About ChemiTek Solar

ChemiTek Solar is a leading Portuguese industrial manufacturer
specializing in innovative and biodegradable contaminants removal agents and soiling
mitigation coatings for photovoltaic panels. With a strong commitment to sustainability and
technological advancement, ChemiTek Solar strives to optimize solar energy production,
reduce the O&M costs of solar installations, and promote water conservation.

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