Clean Food Group: Scaling Up a Sustainable Future in Oils and Fats

August 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  1. Clean Food Group secures an additional £2.3 million in funding to fast-track the commercialization of its sustainable oils and fats technology.
  2. International investors Doehler Group and Alianza Team participate, solidifying strategic collaborations.
  3. The funding will be used to scale technology, advance regulatory approvals, and pave the way for a Series A funding round in 2024.
  4. New hires fortify the operational team, adding decades of industrial and product development experience.
  5. CEO Alex Neves underscores the funding as a validation of their mission to solve sustainability and supply chain challenges in the food and cosmetics industries.

About Clean Food Group

Clean Food Group is a pioneering UK-based food-tech business specializing in sustainable oils and fats technology. The company is driven by the mission to provide scalable, healthier, and competitively priced ingredients that contribute positively to the planet’s economic, environmental, and social well-being. The technology behind the company is a product of eight years of cutting-edge research led by Professor Chris Chuck.

Pioneering Funding for a Pioneering Mission

Who’s Investing and Why?

Clean Food Group’s £2.3 million funding round drew attention from heavyweight international investors, including Doehler Group and Alianza Team. “We are delighted with the rapid progress the business has made in the past year,” said Alex Neves, Clean Food Group’s Co-founder and CEO. “The successful conclusion of this current funding round validates the important strides our business is taking in solving critical sustainability and supply chain challenges facing our food and cosmetic manufacturer customers.”

What Will the Funding Achieve?

The capital injection will accelerate technology scale-up and advancement in regulatory and commercial pathways. This paves the way for a Series A funding round in 2024, which will focus on building a commercial-scale manufacturing facility.

Strategic Collaborations: A Multiplier Effect

Teaming Up with Doehler Group

In addition to the investment, Clean Food Group has signed a service agreement with Doehler Group aimed at swiftly scaling its fermentation process to a commercial level. This enables the company to manufacture the product batches required for regulatory approval in cosmetics and food applications. The scale-up is well underway, with a successful 1,000-litre fermentation run recently accomplished.

The Alianza Team Agreement

Earlier, on 8 August 2023, Clean Food Group announced its collaboration with Alianza Team. Though the specifics remain under wraps, it’s clear that these collaborations are strategic and aimed at bolstering Clean Food Group’s market presence.

Strengthening the Operational Team

Who’s New on Board?

Clean Food Group recently welcomed Dr. James Mercer as Head of Manufacturing and Scale-up, and Andrea Cattaruzza as Head of Product. Dr. Mercer brings over 25 years of experience in industrial fermentation and scale-up, while Andrea brings 30 years of experience from Mars Global Chocolate. These new hires add unparalleled industry experience to the team.

Disrupting the Traditional: The Science Behind Clean Food Group

The Technology Explained

Clean Food Group’s proprietary technology relies on proven, scalable yeast strains and fermentation technology. Uniquely, the technology uses food waste as its food source. This creates sustainable alternatives to traditional oil and fat ingredients, making it a game-changer in the food-tech sector.

Why is it a Big Deal?

The impact of this innovation isn’t just limited to the food industry. It also holds significant promise for the cosmetics sector. By turning waste into sustainable and healthful ingredients, the technology provides a viable solution for two industries simultaneously.

Looking Forward: Preparing for Series A and Beyond

According to Alex Neves, “We are now in a great position to validate our technology at a commercial scale, advance our regulatory pathways and develop our growing list of commercial partners in advance of our Series A next year.” With a line of sight to near-term revenue generation, Clean Food Group appears poised for significant growth and societal impact.

Conclusion: On the Threshold of a Sustainable Revolution

Clean Food Group’s recent funding and strategic collaborations signify more than just business progression; they represent a step forward in solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time. As the global food and cosmetics industries increasingly look for sustainable solutions, Clean Food Group is not merely keeping pace; it is setting the standard for the future.

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