Cloud Computing Pioneers: London’s Top Startup Companies

July 31, 2023


In the bustling tech hub of London, a new breed of startup companies is reimagining the world of cloud computing. These trailblazing ventures are leveraging cloud-based solutions to transform industries, streamline processes, and revolutionize the way we work and interact. From data commerce to developmental governance platforms, this article unveils 15 exciting cloud computing startups that are leading the charge towards a more connected and efficient digital future.

Hadean: Redefining Spatial and Scalable Computing

Hadean, a venture-backed startup, is trailblazing the realm of distributed, spatial, and scalable computing for Web 3.0 and the metaverse. W:

Legl: Digitizing Law Firms for the Future

Legl provides cloud-based solutions, ushering law firms into the digital-first world, enhancing efficiency, and transforming legal processes. W:

Harbr: Empowering Data Commerce in the Cloud

Harbr is a cloud-based data commerce company, unlocking the true value of data through innovative cloud-powered solutions. W:

Ondat: Unleashing Data Freedom and Security

Ondat offers industry-leading data performance, resilience, security, and scale, ensuring data freedom in the cloud.

Stellar Fusion: Fundamental Investing for All

Stellar Fusion presents the only fundamental investing platform built to empower everyone, democratizing the world of investments. W:

Quality Clouds: Revolutionizing Low-Code App Development

Quality Clouds’ developmental governance platform enhances visibility and control over the low-code app development process in the cloud. W:

ScreenCloud: Unleashing the Potential of Screens

ScreenCloud empowers companies to harness the potential of screens, transforming them into powerful communication tools. W:

Greenpixie: Measuring Cloud Emissions for Sustainability

Greenpixie provides insights into cloud emissions, demystifying the environmental impact of cloud computing for a sustainable future. W:

Ably Realtime: Powering Synchronized Digital Experiences

Ably is the platform that enables real-time, synchronized digital experiences, revolutionizing communication and connectivity. W:

Mast: Streamlining Mortgage Technology

Mast builds cloud-native mortgage technology, expediting mortgage application processing for lenders. W:

Shopi: Revolutionizing Omnichannel Retailing

Shopi’s omnichannel retailing platform enhances customer satisfaction and revenue growth, transforming retail experiences. W:

Idenfo: Simplifying Digital Onboarding and AML

Idenfo Direct offers a subscription-based, cloud-native e2e digital onboarding and AML solution, ensuring compliance and security. W:

SalesTrip: Expense Management and Travel Booking Made Easy

SalesTrip’s cloud-based expense management and travel booking system on Salesforce streamlines expense tracking and justification. W:

StackZone: Secure Cloud Management for Multi-Account Environments

StackZone’s self-service cloud management platform ensures security and efficiency in multi-account environments. W:

Xworks Tech: AI and Blockchain-Powered Compliance

Xworks Tech digitizes circular procurement, minimizes waste, and ensures compliance using AI and blockchain technologies.


London’s cloud computing startups are blazing a trail of innovation, redefining industries, and shaping the digital landscape. With cutting-edge solutions and disruptive technologies, these companies are harnessing the power of the cloud to unlock new possibilities and transform how we live and work. From data commerce to compliance and beyond, these startups are the pioneers of a more connected and efficient future, showcasing London’s status as a global tech powerhouse.

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