Commusoft Revolutionizes Trades Sales with New Pioneering Solution

July 29, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Commusoft, the leading software provider for plumbing, heating, gas, and renewable businesses, unveils its groundbreaking sales management solution for trades companies.
  • The new sales solution enables trades businesses to move away from traditional quoting practices and embrace a more professional and profitable sales process.
  • Core benefits of Commusoft Sales include efficient sales CRM capabilities, captivating sales proposal builder, real-time financial tracking, and seamless integration with Commusoft Jobs.

About Commusoft:

Commusoft is a multiplatform tech company specializing in web-based and mobile solutions for trade companies. Their innovative business management and refined customer journey solutions empower clients to have complete control of their growth, from initial inquiry to job completion. With a commitment to meeting clients’ growing needs, Commusoft continuously evolves and expands its product suite, catering to the unique requirements of the plumbing, heating, gas, and renewable businesses.

Introducing Commusoft Sales:

Commusoft is proud to announce the release of their latest pioneering product, Commusoft Sales. This innovative sales management solution has been carefully developed and perfected over the last few years, taking into consideration valuable feedback from clients. Designed specifically for the trades, Commusoft Sales aims to revolutionize how trade businesses approach selling and increase revenue by converting more opportunities into profitable jobs.

Client Testimonial:

Phil Clarke from PCL Plumbing, a satisfied user of Commusoft Sales, stated: “Commusoft Sales has been a game changer! We can incorporate photos and videos, which help the customer decide on the options within our proposals and make it a more personalized experience. We’re getting our proposals out in record time; which means we can focus elsewhere.”

Core Benefits of Commusoft Sales:

  1. Sales CRM Capabilities: The solution enables trades businesses to efficiently handle every opportunity from initial inquiry to final sale, providing a 360-degree view of all scheduled activities. With automated follow-ups, sales representatives can confidently move each opportunity through the sales pipeline.
  2. Sales Proposal Builder: Create captivating sales proposal templates with various options, such as good, better, and best. Gain approval online and leave a lasting impression on customers, enhancing the likelihood of winning the contract.
  3. Sales Financials: Gain clarity on financials and track costs in real-time, ensuring they align with desired profit margins. This insight empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimize profitability.
  4. Seamless Integration with Commusoft Jobs: Survey on-site, take upfront deposits online, or convert won quotes into jobs seamlessly within the Commusoft Suite. This integration streamlines processes and ensures efficient operations.

Changing the Mindset: From Quoting to Selling:

Commusoft CEO and founder, Jason Morjaria, emphasizes the importance of moving away from the traditional mindset of quoting and shifting towards a more professional, profitable, and scalable sales process. He believes that this transformation will enable businesses to scale their efforts, attract the right customers, and avoid leaving money on the table.

Morjaria explains, “Trades quote, they don’t sell. Every other company sells. It seems to have always been this way. It’s also why trades businesses have a reputation of being slow to get quotes out and slow to respond. I wanted to focus trades companies on moving away from the mentality of quoting and focus on a more professional, profitable, and scalable sales process. This will help businesses get the skills, systems, and processes in place to scale up their efforts. This helps attract the right type of customers to their company and avoids leaving money on the table. They can compete solely on price.”

Complete Overview with Commusoft Suite:

The Commusoft Suite, which includes Commusoft Sales and Commusoft Jobs, offers clients a fully integrated and comprehensive overview of their operations in one place. With the all-in-one system, businesses can deliver a world-class customer experience and drive growth and success in an ever-competitive market.


Commusoft’s commitment to innovation and addressing the specific needs of the trades industry is evident in the release of Commusoft Sales. By empowering trades businesses to ‘stop quoting and start selling,’ this pioneering sales solution provides a pathway to increased revenue, improved customer experiences, and long-term profitability.

As Commusoft continues its journey as a multi-platform company and builds on its reputation as a leading software provider for plumbing, heating, gas, and renewable businesses, clients can expect more transformative and tailored solutions to elevate their business success.

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