Commusoft’s Bold Pivot: Ushering in the Self-Service Era for Trades

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Commusoft, a market leader in software solutions for the trade industry, shifts its focus to customer self-service.
  • Newly rolled out features include branding customization, GoCardless integration for instant bank payments, and three new self-service journeys.
  • CEO Jason Morjaria explains that the emphasis on self-service streamlines office tasks and provides avenues for scalable growth.

About Commusoft:

Commusoft is a technological trailblazer, creating web-based and mobile solutions that redefine business management and customer experiences for trade companies. By offering cutting-edge tools, Commusoft ensures that its clients have the power to control their growth while delivering impeccable service.

Revolutionizing Customer Journeys Through Self-Service

Commusoft’s core mission has always been to serve trade companies with unparalleled solutions, but it’s taking a significant step further. Recognizing the crucial role that self-service plays in today’s on-demand society, Commusoft is ramping up its self-service features, aimed at making life easier for both the customers and the businesses.

“Self-service is vital to building a profitable, scalable business,” says Jason Morjaria, CEO of Commusoft. He emphasizes the twofold benefit: “It not only lets customers interact with your business when convenient to them but alleviates the burden on your office team.”

A Unified Experience: Customization and Branding

The first prong in Commusoft’s multi-pronged strategy is to offer branding and customization options. Businesses will now be able to tweak the self-service features to align with their branding, offering a unified, seamless experience for the customer at every stage of their journey.

More Money in Your Pocket: GoCardless Integration

Another vital addition is the integration with GoCardless, which allows instant bank payments. Not only does this offer customers another convenient payment method, but it’s also more cost-effective for the businesses involved. By sidestepping the typical fees associated with card payments, trade companies can keep a larger share of their earnings.

New Self-Service Journeys: More Freedom, Less Admin

Commusoft’s feature expansion introduces three new self-service journeys:

  1. Statement of Accounts and Outstanding Invoices: Customers will now be able to access their financial statements and clear outstanding invoices with online payment options.
  2. Online Rebooking Options: If plans change, customers have the freedom to rebook services online, making the process simpler and faster for all parties involved.
  3. On-Site Payment via QR Code: At the end of a service call, customers can instantly make payments through their credit cards or bank by scanning a QR code.

This focus on self-service significantly reduces the administrative load on the office staff. “This new self-service experience will lift the admin burden off the office team’s shoulders and bring the power directly to the end customers,” explains Morjaria.

Towards Scalable Growth: The Ultimate Objective

What makes this pivot so critical for Commusoft is the sheer scalability it offers. Businesses can now dream bigger without the daunting task of increasing their administrative staff. Morjaria encapsulates this sentiment, saying, “If you’re looking for ways to scale your business up, such as hiring more engineers and providing a better quality experience to your customers without adding to your overheads – in that case, you need to focus on your customer journeys.”

The self-service functionalities are not just features but catalysts in realizing Commusoft’s ultimate vision: to offer an ecosystem where trade companies not only survive but thrive. By channeling more power to the end customer and automating mundane tasks, Commusoft is shaping the future of customer interactions in the trade industry, one self-service feature at a time.

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