ComplyPortal & LGCA Release New Compliance Monitoring & Learning Solution

June 19, 2023

Complyportal and the London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA) are excited to announce their new Compliance Monitoring and Learning Solution (CMLS).

As compliance monitoring and learning grows in importance and becomes more demanding, plenty of firms are finding that the more manual ways of managing their regulatory compliance tasks are becoming unworkable. With the regulators tightening their requirements each year, it has become pivotal for organisations to run their compliance monitoring and learning in an organised and easily manageable manner.

With this in mind, Complyportal and LGCA developed CMLS, a unique tool that will allow organisations to complete all of their compliance monitoring and training under one easy-to-manage roof.

Luis Parra, ComplyPortal’s Managing Partner, said: “Compliance professionals are more important than ever and so is the use of technology to help them get their jobs done. The right compliance monitoring software tool can help manage tasks, optimise workflows, ensure staff awareness of policies and procedures, set reminders, and keep management better informed of risks and controls across the organisation.”

Generally speaking, the CMLS will help organisations automate and schedule their compliance monitoring programme, configure bespoke workflows such as Breaches Registers, PA Dealings or Financial Promotions Approvals, create a full Risk Assessment, and access and extract full audit driven reporting with the push of a button. Similarly, this solution will streamline an organisation’s learning, professional qualification, and regulatory training needs with e-learning modules that have been skilfully prepared and updated on an annual basis by industry experts. “Automating your compliance monitoring and training should have been on your agenda for quite some time now. Our newly launched CMLS will help you bring forth this shift, saving you money and minutes on the clock and allowing you and your team to focus on your business’ main activities. We’re excited to be able to finally make this service available to you, and we look forward to playing our role in streamlining and smoothening out compliance monitoring and learning for organisations in the UK and beyond.”

Learn more about the CMLS by visiting the following website: Compliance Monitoring & Learning Solution | LGCA & ComplyPortal

Complyportal is a UK-based regulatory technology provider that has developed a continuous workflow, control and regulatory compliance monitoring management system designed by compliance specialists for efficient regulatory compliance management.

The London Governance & Compliance Academy (LGCA) is a multi-accredited, UK-based executive education training and certification provider that specialises in the areas of governance, risk, compliance, and finance.

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