CYE to Offer Leading Security Solutions for Listed Companies as it Becomes Member of London Stock Exchange’s Marketplace

October 15, 2022

Issuers on the London Stock Exchange will be able to access CYE’s wide range of services including cyber assessments, red-team attacks, data-driven solutions, and risk quantification as they protect themselves against future threats

CYE, the industry leader in cybersecurity optimization platforms, announced today that it has become a member of the London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Services Marketplace. CYE will build a unique solution for London-listed companies that includes a variety of security services drawing on its expertise in providing business insights and ability to place a dollar value on potential damage from cyberattacks.

Understanding and prioritising real security risks is a challenge for all companies. For public companies, the regulatory requirements often place much of the responsibility on board members. These challenges are further compounded by the fact that at any moment, any company could be vulnerable to an attack. As popular targets for cyberattacks, public companies, and those preparing to IPO, are bombarded with threats. The consequences of which, could mean a potential for stocks to decline or perform poorly on their exchanges, or worse. Solving these security concerns is up to CISOs, who are flooded with hundreds of security tools, offers from service providers, and a noisy digital footprint that has partial visibility of an ever-expanding attack surface.

As a response to these challenges, through the London Stock Exchange’s Marketplace, CYE will offer a range of services to listed companies that include an all-in-one approach to cybersecurity with real business insights. These include security assessments and “red team” non-simulated attacks, as well as data-driven and mathematically-proven solutions that optimize the reduction of cyber exposure. The company will also offer in-person training and guidance for executives, employees, and IT and security professionals. The listed companies can also have access to CYE’s flagship cloud-based platform, Hyver, which delivers solutions ranging from attack route visualisation to risk quantification and mitigation optimization.

“One of the biggest challenges facing our customers is defining clear decision-making parameters and making educated choices. We have seen firsthand from clients who are listed companies that they are valuable targets for hackers. Providing tools to visualise, quantify and mitigate risk, allows them to adjust accordingly and make the proper security investments based on their risk appetite, budget, and more,” said Reuven Aronashvili, CEO and co-founder of CYE. “We are happy to be bringing CYE’s solutions to London-listed companies, giving them access to our unique combination of red-team activity and technology. We are honoured to have been chosen as a trusted Marketplace member.”

About CYE

CYE’s cybersecurity optimization platform enables businesses to visualise, quantify, and mitigate cyber risk so they can make better security decisions and invest in effective remediation. CYE combines technology with red team activity to deliver the most comprehensive organizational security assessments and contextual risk analysis and insights. 

With headquarters in Israel and offices in New York and London, the company serves Fortune 500 and mid-market companies in multiple industries around the world.

CYE is funded by investors including EQT Private Equity and 83North. Visit us at

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