Dame Shellie Hunt Founder of the Women of Global Change Honored with Humanitarian Doctorate in London

January 30, 2023

Dame Shellie Hunt was honored to receive an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism in London this winter.

Known as the first lady of entrepreneurs, Dame Hunt is also the Founder of a Multiple White House Award winning Non-Profit organization, Women of Global Change (WGC), whose service has been recognized for its commitment to Educational Excellence and Social Impact initiatives around the globe.

In attendance were multiple organizations to celebrate humanitarian efforts worldwide including Ladies from all Nations International (LOANI), the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE), World Wide Leaders Association, Global Uplift Humanitarian Alliance, Mindset Mastery, AMIEF and others. WGC is grateful for all the organizations that came together to recognize each other and gather in the spirit of betterment for humanity as a whole.

The week was filled with media, red-carpet events, themed dinners, gatherings and speeches all designed to bring awareness to the continued fight against domestic violence, AIDS, homelessness, hunger, poverty, equality, activism and those in most need internationally.

“It was an honor to be with other women’s organizations that really understand camaraderie vs competition. Together we can facilitate positive progress and change for ourselves, our communities and the world. Sometimes something so small can mean so much to so many, literally changing the course for uplifting future generations,” stated Dame Shellie Hunt.

While in London, Dr. Dame Shellie Hunt was also asked and honored to speak at the UK Parliament about women changing the world. Further, She was presented with an award as one of the Top 1000 Women Changemakers in the world as a woman superhero by Dr. Pauline Long and the members of Parliament.

Women of Global Change has International Chapters that provide both hands-on and in-person educational and social impact projects. In addition, WGC provides online educational platforms such as their Women’s Entrepreneur Institute (WEi) and recently launched the WGC Gateway Program that assists women in becoming business owners in less than 72 hours.

To find out more about Dame Shellie Hunt or the Women of Global Change opportunities and happenings go to: Womenofglobalchange.com

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