Ecolibrium Launches Smartsense Discovery to Help UK Businesses Visualise Carbon Emissions and Accelerate Net Zero Journeys

May 18, 2023

Ecolibrium, the machine learning decarbonisation platform for industrial and commercial buildings, has announced the launch of SmartSense Discovery, a new tool that enables companies to identify, benchmark and manage the carbon footprint of their entire portfolio within 48 hours of onboarding.

SmartSense Discovery has been developed to give companies an instant snapshot of the energy cost, use and carbon intensity of their buildings and portfolios. SmartSense Discovery will be an invaluable tool for organisations operating across a wide range of sectors, particularly those with a higher energy intensity or multi-site operations such as retail and hospitality. The platform also offers the same benefits to public sector bodies such as hospitals, schools and local authorities as the first step towards decarbonisation.

SmartSense Discovery consolidates data into a single dashboard providing an overview of portfolio performance. This performance is then continuously analysed against building operation trends and benchmarks to monitor energy consumption and detect anomalies.

Data gathered on SmartSense Discovery can form the basis for mandatory reporting. In the UK, all large organisations are required to comply with the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework. SECR looks at both greenhouse gas emissions and efforts being taken to improve energy efficiency and is a key step in an ever-tightening regulatory regime to support the Government’s Net Zero Carbon 2050 goal.

SmartSense Discovery is just the first step that organisations can take in partnering with Ecolibrium. Organisations can upgrade to SmartSense Insights, a comprehensive tool that assimilates thousands of IoT data points from across an organisation’s entire operational infrastructure to create a digital twin, down to the smallest energy assets. Machine learning is used by SmartSense Insights to compare performance against the highest industry standards. Ecolibrium then produces a roadmap of activity for continuous improvement and to achieve operational excellence, sustainability targets, and healthier buildings. This has achieved 15% – 20% energy savings and 12% – 15% carbon emissions savings for over 100 clients globally.

Chintan Soni, CEO of Ecolibrium, said: “As the UK races to meet its legally binding Carbon Net Zero commitments by 2050, research from the British Chambers of Commerce has shown that 90% of businesses are yet to take the crucial first step of capturing and managing their carbon footprint. SmartSense Discovery solves this challenge for the first time by helping companies consolidate their data into a single, automated, real-time dashboard, giving an intelligent view of the total energy cost, carbon intensity and energy use which can be used as a springboard for introducing major efficiencies and cost savings.

“Reaching Net Zero is not only beneficial for the planet but it positively impacts business and the workforce too. Digitalising processes frees up time for analysis and identifying savings opportunities. Pushing the boundaries of technology to digitally accelerate the decarbonisation journey is key to delivering sustainable prosperity, a harmonious balance between people, planet and profit.

“This approach is proven to pay off. For example, recent research from CBRE has shown that office buildings with sustainability certifications command a 6% rental premium, a phenomenon known as the ‘green premium’ amongst the industry.”

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About Ecolibrium

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur brothers Chintan and Harit Soni, Ecolibrium is a technology-driven sustainability company, providing cutting-edge solutions for enterprises to identify, plan and operationalise their Carbon Net Zero ambitions.

Ecolibrium is on a mission to deliver sustainable prosperity for organisations across the globe by balancing people, planet and profit. By leveraging proprietary machine-learning algorithms, Ecolibrium’s flagship IoT solution SmartSense provides measurable outcomes and a decarbonisation roadmap.

SmartSense overlays existing systems, connecting data points to provide a bird’s eye view of carbon, energy and operational costs for clients, making the invisible, visible. The reporting module then presents the ESG scores, and operational efficiency KPIs and compares them against set milestones, providing a continuous improvement programme.

SmartSense is currently being used across 50 million sq ft of real estate, by more than 100 companies globally.

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