EMERGE: Revolutionizing Financial Services with Generative AI

August 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • EMERGE, a generative AI platform by ForwardLane, offers rapid scalability for data and analytics capabilities in financial sectors.
  • Designed to address challenges like data privacy, security, and transparency, the platform also reduces dependency on data science teams.
  • The cutting-edge tech ensures private data remains internal, offers transparency in deriving solutions, and ensures compliance with regulations.
  • The synergy of EMERGE-GPT and Visual Insight Generator allows professionals to interpret vast data swiftly and securely.
  • Currently in limited beta testing, the platform is slated for wider availability in Q3’23.

An AI Renaissance in Financial Services

The financial industry, encompassing wealth and asset management as well as insurance, is on the brink of a transformative era. Spearheading this change is ForwardLane with its latest release, EMERGE, an innovative generative decision intelligence platform.

As discussions with C-Suite executives and Data & Analytics teams in financial firms unfolded, ForwardLane discerned a prevalent challenge: the intricacy involved in deploying private, secure, and precise generative AI was taxing resources. EMERGE, the solution, offers a holistic approach that integrates data handling, analytics aggregation, insight formulation, Large Language Model tuning, and end-to-end delivery of actionable insights.

Powering Professionals, Preserving Privacy

A cornerstone of ForwardLane’s strategy is to capacitate a broad spectrum of professionals – spanning advisory, distribution, sales, marketing, business intelligence, management, and product roles. EMERGE aims to democratize the power of generative AI, making it possible for these professionals to unearth, craft, preview, and engage with fresh insights without any compromise on data privacy, security, or accuracy.

Nathan Stevenson, Founder and CEO, ForwardLane, shares, “We have been leveraging AI since 2016 and have made significant investments in building an enterprise-grade Next Best Action platform for wealth, asset management, and insurance. EMERGE is an applied Generative AI solution for financial services that brings together the best functionalities of ForwardLane’s ViGOR and privacy-friendly EMERGE-GPT.”

Empowering the Enterprise with EMERGE

In a world teeming with data, the ability to discern valuable insights can be game-changing. ForwardLane’s EMERGE platform bestows professionals with tools to:

  • Prioritize clients, pinpoint opportunities, and recognize risks efficiently.
  • Stay updated with the latest client intelligence and analytics.
  • Seamlessly integrate Next Best Action recommendations into workflows, offering personalized content, engagement plans, and communications.
  • Enhance productivity by swiftly interpreting vast documents, deriving key takeaways, and gleaning actionable insights to share with clientele.
  • Gain insights into buying behavior, advisor prioritization, and risk evaluations by integrating data from multiple sources, without breaching data licensing agreements.

Enterprises have the luxury of deploying EMERGE on their cloud platforms or opting for hosting by ForwardLane. This ensures data compliance and licensing adherence. With its design focusing on flexibility, transparency, and easy deployment, the platform is poised to mark a paradigm shift in the financial realm.

About ForwardLane: Marrying Human Connection with Machine Intelligence

ForwardLane has a clear and compelling mission: to intertwine deeper human connections with the prowess of machine intelligence. Trusted by renowned wealth, asset management, and insurance establishments, their AI Decision Intelligence Platform and Next Best Action engine streamline, orchestrate, and activate enterprise data. The end result? Enhanced client relationships, optimized growth, and a treasure trove of personalized insights.

Eager enthusiasts can follow ForwardLane’s journey on LinkedIn (ForwardLane Inc) and Twitter (@Forward_Lane).

As ForwardLane continues to harness the transformative capabilities of AI, the financial world eagerly awaits the full-blown advent of EMERGE. This groundbreaking platform not only holds the promise of reshaping industries but also equips professionals with tools to make more informed, data-driven decisions, thereby charting a brighter future for financial services.

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