Emerging Blockchain Startups Transforming the London Tech Scene

January 10, 2024

The city of London has always been a global hub for innovation and this remains true even in the world of blockchain startups. From finance to art, gaming to big data, London-based startups founded in 2020 or later are exploring the limits of blockchain technology and its applications. Keep reading to learn more about some of these ground breaking companies shaking up industries with blockchain.

Having become an established center for finance, it is no surprise that London is now emerging as a major hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. With its rich ecosystem of technology talent, venture capital, and supportive regulatory environment, London is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in this space. Here are some startups you should definitely know about.

Most of the highlighted startups are tapping into an array of industries, including financial services, FinTech, AI, and machine learning, among others, which were all previously traditional. It speaks to the enormous potential of the blockchain as it gets embraced across the business spectrum.


Gensyn, founded by Ben Fielding and Harry Grieve, is hyperscaling the world’s deep learning models with a rare blend of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Machine Learning technologies. Based out of London, Gensyn aspires to be a cost-efficient compute protocol.

DFX Finance

DFX Finance is a decentralized finance exchange protocol that has been optimized for non-U.S. dollar stable coins. Founders Adrian Li and Kevin Zhang have situated this fascinating FinTech startup in London, and its impact is set to be significant in the realms of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and Financial Exchanges. You can follow them on their LinkedIn or Twitter account @dfxfinance.


Established by founder Marek Claassen, Limna is introducing AI to the art industry. With a portfolio that spans from Art, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Information Technology, to Machine Learning, Limna is at the forefront of creating the world’s first AI-powered art advisor. Connect with them through their Twitter account @limna_ai and see how they are simplifying the art buying process.


DropsTab is bringing big data to the blockchain. This London-based startup has created a cryptocurrency market tracker, enabling users to monitor and track the performance of their assets effortlessly. DropsTab gleans real-time data from centralized, decentralized exchanges, and all blockchain transactions, ensuring the provision of the most relevant and unique data about the crypto market.

Himalaya Exchange

Located in London, Himalaya Exchange is a new entrant in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, offering financial and FinTech services. Although they are still cementing their online presence, with their only available platform being their LinkedIn page, they are an intriguing startup to watch in this space. Their Twitter handle is @himalayaxchange.


LINK IO, one of the most promising Blockchain and Cryptocurrency startups in London, is a product of the effort and ingenuity of Emmanuel Ebuka Evarist, Marvel George Ekpo, Tomisin Leshi, and Victor Nwaejie. The company is focused on devolving web3 Cross border payments infrastructure for Africa. They can be followed on Twitter via @Link_IO and LinkedIn.


Revoland is a Web3 game ecosystem offering services such as publishing, distribution, promotion, and NFT transactions for web3 games. Their unique focus on the gaming industry and commitment to developing ecological functions for gaming makes them one of the most exciting startups to follow.

BlockSwap Network

Another fascinating London-based startup is the BlockSwap Network. They aim to seize the enormous potential of blockchain within the software industry. Chances are, you’ll catch the most recent updates about their activities via their Twitter account @blockswap_team?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor, or on their LinkedIn page.


Appold, managed by founders Pete Osborne and Robert Gaskell, is dedicated to the Web3 industry through specializing in Blockchain technology, Decentralized Finance, and Tokenization of Assets. Watch them closely through their Twitter account, @appoldtech.


Focusing on the Blockchain, Developer Tools, and Software, Idexo, the brainchild of Greg Marlin, adds to London’s vividity in the blockchain sector.

Fintech Review

Fintech Review, founded by Tristan Pelloux in the beating heart of London, enlightens the masses on everything Fintech. It covers basic concepts and analyses major trends across business, finance, economics, and technology. Interested readers can follow them on their Facebook page and Twitter with the handle @fintech_review.

In conclusion, London’s vibrancy in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry is visible, with many companies bringing much-needed innovation to a variety of fields. As they continue to flourish, we can only anticipate a more sophisticated and vibrant blockchain industry.

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