Emerging London-based Advice Industry Startups Shaping United Kingdom’s Future

January 10, 2024

In 2020, London’s vibrant startup scene saw an influx of innovative companies in the Advice industry. These companies provide a variety of services from consulting to wealth management, utilising cutting-edge technology and innovative business models. We’ve put together a list of startups that have stood out in offering exceptional impact in the industry.

The startups featured in this list are all London-based, offering unique perspectives to navigate different sectors within the Advice industry. Given the diverse vision and specialties integral to their operations, these startups offer a myriad of solutions and services providing critical value to their clients.

These startups not only offer valuable services, but have also established themselves as thought leaders in the industry. We’re excited to showcase these companies, who through their dedication and innovative scope, have set their sights on transforming and cutting a niche in their respective markets.

Isio Services

Another prominent player in the financial advisory sector, Isio Services provides expert consulting aimed at retirement and wealth management. Located at the heart of London’s bustling financial sector, they are a key player in the industry.

Maniyar Capital

Specialising in financial advisory services, Maniyar Capital, founded by Dharmesh Maniyar, has carved out a unique space in the industry. They focus on providing expert advice in asset management.


Under the leadership of Lasse Lindqvist and Rachel Cantu, ANDx offers expert advice in business development and consulting. They provide advice in management, contributing to their clients’ success story.

Sarah Mains

Located in the lush city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sarah Mains offers expert property management and real estate consulting. Their services encompass a wide range from property sales to provision of property advice.

Sterling & Law – Hampshire

Part of the Sterling and Law Group, Sterling & Law – Hampshire, offers financial planning & wealth management services to a diverse clientele across Hampshire. They focus on creating and delivering plans tailored to the unique objectives of each customer.


Co-founded by James Pugh and Mark Sapsford, London-based CapEQ offers financial advising services. They work closely with clients to understand their unique financial requirements and provide solutions accordingly.

Silverback Ventures

Located in the financial hub of London, Silverback Ventures specialises in offering comprehensive business development and financial advisory services.

Carleton Digital

Carleton Digital, founded by Iain Millar, is a digital strategy startup. They aim to help businesses achieve digital traction and growth through a range of services.


Citiesabc is a digital transformation platform that empowers citizens in their engagement with their civil authorities and communities. By providing 4IR tools, they aspire to guide cities and help them index.


Lastly, OneWealth is an organization that aims to build financial confidence through education. Their range spans from investment planning to intergenerational wealth management.

Through their innovative approaches and solution-oriented mindsets, these startups have become an integral part of London’s Advice industry, opening new possibilities and paving the way for future enterprises in the sector.

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