Emerging London-Based Analytics Startups Transforming Industry in the Capital

January 10, 2024

As we adapt to the global digital transformation, a new wave of tech startups have been leading the way in providing innovative solutions to complex business problems in 2020 and beyond. These companies, all based in London, are leveraging cutting-edge analytics to help their clients thrive in an increasingly data-powered world. We will explore how these top startups are delivering comprehensive analytics services to a broad range of industries.

From the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve data analysis in industries such as healthcare and food & beverage, to creating more collaborative spaces in the gaming industry, they are making waves in their respective spaces. These startups represent the genesis and strength of the tech startup scene in London. So let’s dive in and take a deeper look at these companies and what they offer:

In no particular order:


Bitfount is focused on enhancing the collaboration between data scientists and custodians through its cutting-edge data science platform. Founded by Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz, Bitfount leverages AI and machine learning to conduct federated, privacy-preserving data analysis. Their mission is to make the world’s intractable data safely interactable. More on Bitfount.

Actable AI

Actable AI harnesses machine learning and advanced analytics to empower its users with actionable insights. Co-founders Armen Poghosyan and Trung Huynh determined to maximize the potential of clients’ data, they employ the latest technologies of AutoML, Explainable A.I. and Causal AI. More on Actable AI.


As an esports analytics and strategy platform, SwiftSkill is revolutionizing the gaming industry. Its platform offers unprecedented efficiency in collaboration and advanced analytics tools for gaming enthusiasts, making it a go-to for gamers aspiring to sharpen their skills. More on SwiftSkill.


Co-founded by Dominik Vacikar and Marco Squarci, Specter is a tech-startup operating in the intersection of analytics, IT, internet, software, and venture capital. While specifics are yet to be disclosed, it’s clear that the team is making strides in their respective industry. More on Specter.


Dimensions, founded in 2020, offers a decision intelligence platform for product-led teams. It connects customer insights, product data, and business insights for more effective decision-making. With its software, teams can devise impactful strategies and make faster decisions. More on Dimensions.


Combining AI with big data, Mondra is helping companies understand the impact of the supply chain on the environment. Founded by Jason Barrett, Mondra employs technologies such as satellite data to present accurate reports on the environmental impact of global food supply chains. More on Mondra.


Providing tailored data collection solutions, WALR enables research users to focus on what makes them successful. This gives their clients the confidence and trust to make informed decisions. More on WALR.


Co-founded by Caitlin Baltzer and Janne Huhtala, MYndspan improves brain health through cutting-edge analytics. Applying the latest technology, MYndspan manages brain health in a way that is both innovative and insightful. More on MYndspan.

Amber Labs

Offering services in analytics, cloud computing, consulting, and data integration, Amber Labs provides versatile solutions for businesses. Founded by Sebastien Payet, Amber Labs stands as an innovative force in the tech industry. More on Amber Labs.

Gorton Software

Founded by Abhi Bhardwaj, Gorton Software is at the forefront of AI and analytics technology. They leverage these technologies to solve some of the organizations’ toughest problems by developing advanced solutions.


Founded by Richard Quigley, Ventriks provides a cloud platform that simplifies data discovery, management, and analysis. Ventriks promises to provide businesses with a streamlined and efficient data analysis process. More on Ventriks.

In conclusion, this new breed of London-based startups offer some of the most groundbreaking solutions in the world of analytics. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, they are poised to impact various industries positively and contribute significantly to the digital transformation. It is indeed the golden age of analytics in London and these startups are at the helm of that change.

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