Empowering Success: Hope Powell CBE Joins Birmingham City FC as Women’s Technical Director

July 22, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Birmingham City Football Club welcomes Hope Powell CBE as the Women’s Technical Director, aiming to create a high-performance culture and achieve success on and off the pitch.
  • Powell brings a wealth of experience, having led England Women’s team to several UEFA Women’s European Championships and FIFA Women’s World Cups.
  • With the backing of Knighthead Capital Management, Birmingham City Women’s team aims to regain its position as a powerhouse in women’s football and drive increased participation in the sport.
  • Powell’s appointment sends a powerful message to the women and girls of Birmingham and fans of women’s football, demonstrating Birmingham City’s commitment to women’s football.

About Birmingham City Football Club

Birmingham City Football Club, also known as the Blues, is one of England’s storied football clubs with a rich history spanning over a century. As a prominent member of the English Football League (EFL), Birmingham City FC has a dedicated and passionate fan base. With a commitment to excellence on and off the pitch, the club has embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize its Women’s team.

Elevating the Women’s Team to New Heights

Birmingham City FC has made a game-changing move by appointing Hope Powell CBE as the Women’s Technical Director. The decision reflects the club’s ambition to create a high-performance environment for the Women’s team and to establish a long-term vision for success.

Hope Powell’s illustrious career in football began as a player, representing England with distinction and winning 66 caps for the national team. After hanging up her boots, she transitioned into leadership positions, guiding England Women to four UEFA Women’s European Championships and two FIFA Women’s World Cups. Her remarkable achievements also include leading Team GB at the 2012 Olympics in London and serving as the head coach of Barclays Women’s Super League side Brighton & Hove Albion.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to join Birmingham City at the start of the journey. Birmingham was a powerhouse when the WSL was formed. I am looking forward to putting in place the building blocks so that it can compete once again at the highest levels, both in England and then across Europe,” said Hope Powell after her appointment.

A Vision for Success

As the Women’s Technical Director, Hope Powell will play a crucial role in driving the Women’s team’s future success. Her vast experience and expertise in women’s football make her an invaluable asset to the club. Powell’s mandate extends beyond on-pitch performance; she will be instrumental in building a high-performance infrastructure to attract and retain top talent.

Powell’s vision goes beyond the football pitch. She is keen on engaging with the local community, particularly young girls who seek positive role models. Powell aims to empower women footballers from Birmingham City to become role models in the local area and beyond.

“I look forward to engaging with the local community and getting the players into schools and the local clubs. Young girls are looking for positive role models. Women footballers from Birmingham City can and will play that role in the local area and beyond,” Powell stated.

An Alliance with Knighthead Capital Management

Knighthead Capital Management, LLC, a leading investment management firm co-founded by Ara Cohen and Tom Wagner, has a vested interest in women’s football. Matt Alvarez, a senior member of Knighthead’s leadership team and now a Birmingham City Limited board member, has considerable experience in women’s football. Alvarez was a board member of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and played a pivotal role in the successful launch of San Diego Wave FC in 2022.

Knighthead’s partnership with Birmingham City FC will explore opportunities to create deeper connections between the two clubs. This collaboration aims to strengthen women’s football and foster a greater sense of community.

Tom Wagner, Chairman of Birmingham City Limited, expressed his delight with Hope Powell’s appointment: “We are delighted that Hope has chosen to join Birmingham City and drive the Women’s team’s future success. Hope joining sends a powerful message, first to the women and girls of Birmingham and second to fans of the women’s game across the country, that Birmingham Women means business.”

Charting a New Course

As Birmingham City Women’s team prepares for its second season in the Barclays Women’s Championship, the appointment of Hope Powell CBE signals a new era of ambition and excellence. With Powell at the helm, the club aspires to regain its position as a dominant force in women’s football, capturing the hearts of fans and attracting a new generation of players and supporters.

Garry Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Birmingham City FC, expressed his excitement about Powell’s involvement: “Hope is a legend in the Women’s game. We are thrilled to have her involved, to provide valuable insight and expertise to oversee our Women’s teams. She has the mandate to invest in the team and to put in place the high-performance infrastructure necessary to attract and keep the best talent.”

Birmingham City FC’s commitment to women’s football is poised to have a transformative impact on the sport, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond the pitch. With Hope Powell CBE leading the charge, Birmingham City Women’s team is destined for greatness, becoming a beacon of inspiration for young athletes and football enthusiasts alike.

For more information about Birmingham City Football Club and its Women’s team, please visit www.bcfc.com.

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