enChoice Extends its Reach to the UK, Offering Content Services Solutions

July 5, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. enChoice, a top provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Content Services solutions in the US, has announced its expansion into the UK market with enChoice UK.
  2. The expansion follows the acquisition of the Integritie business from Rosslyn Data Technologies in November.
  3. enChoice UK will concentrate on enlarging the Knowledge Capture content-as-a-service community, providing organizations with a comprehensive cloud platform for managing their digital content.

Knowledge Capture Features and Benefits

Knowledge Capture, a significant offering from enChoice UK, provides businesses with a versatile and scalable cloud-based solution, boasting robust security measures and compliance standards for assured content and workflow management. The service’s key features include:

  • Information Governance: This ensures compliant content management across the information lifecycle, maintaining authenticity, reliability, and integrity based on governance rules and processes.
  • Content-Centric Process Automation: Placing content at the heart of business processes, this feature facilitates seamless integration and automation, accelerating productivity and efficiency.
  • Business Enablement and Knowledge Sharing: It encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing, promoting productivity and innovation across the entire content lifecycle.
  • Flexible Pricing: A tiered pricing model accommodates the needs and budgets of various customer types. This pricing model includes the cloud service, monthly activity packages, on-boarding, service management, and support.

Leadership Commentary

“Our focus is on growing the Knowledge Capture content-as-a-service community,” said David Littler, enChoice UK General Manager. “With Knowledge Capture, we aim to help organisations streamline their costs, improve operations, drive better decision-making and fuel growth.”

For more information on enChoice UK and Knowledge Capture, visit www.enchoice.co.uk.

About enChoice
Established in 1993, enChoice, Inc. is an award-winning Digital Transformation solutions company. enChoice technologies enable content and process-based automation in the cloud, hybrid or on-prem with comprehensive and ongoing support. Over 700 leading companies have chosen enChoice as their digital transformation partner.

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