Energy from waste is key to green growth and energy security, says new CBI Economics report

March 23, 2023

A new report from CBI Economics has shown the significant contribution the energy from waste sector makes towards green growth and boosting the UK’s energy security.

Commissioned by enfinium, one of the UK’s leading energy from waste businesses, the report measured the economic impact of the company’s operations from its employees through to its extensive supply chain across the UK. enfinium currently transforms 2.3 million tonnes of non-recyclable waste into homegrown energy at four facilities across the UK. It is also investing up to £1 billion in two new facilities under construction in Leeds and West Bromwich. From 2025, the company will be producing enough homegrown power to supply an area the size of Birmingham.

The new analysis found that in 2022:

  • enfinium contributed nearly £242 million in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy and supported 1,047 jobs across its supply chain.
  • Over 600 businesses across the UK benefited from enfinium’s operations, with a geographical spread spanning more than half of the UK’s local authorities.
  • Two-thirds of this value was created within the Yorkshire and the Humber area – where enfinium has two operational facilities and a third in construction.
  • Energy from waste provides high quality employment, with each job at enfinium typically 15 times more productive than the regional average and contributes £0.9 million towards the local economy.
  • In addition to supporting green growth, by capturing by-products from its processes, recycling materials, and diverting waste from landfill, the company delivered emissions savings of over 565,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to the UK economy in 2021 – a carbon footprint equivalent to over 113,000 individuals.

Mike Maudsley, Chief Executive Officer at enfinium, said: “The transition to a Net Zero economy represents one of the greatest economic opportunities in the UK’s history. Our modern energy from waste facilities already generate hundreds of millions of pounds of green growth every year and support high-quality jobs in the communities we operate.”

“By leveraging new technologies like carbon capture and storage, electrolytic hydrogen and heat networks, we have the opportunity to build on our success and transform our waste infrastructure into Net Zero Hubs that will help create the green industries of the future.”

Mohammad Jamei, Director of CBI Economics said: “Energy resilience is now mission critical for the UK economy and promoting business investment in home-grown energy solutions will not only drive green growth but improve prosperity for all. Our research found that enfinium’s activities contribute to society in a number of important ways – driving economic growth, battling climate change and creating, then sustaining, well-paid green jobs.”

enfinium operates four energy from waste facilities: Ferrybridge 1 and 2 in Yorkshire, Parc Adfer in North Wales and Kemsley in Kent. It has a further two facilities under construction: Kelvin in the West Midlands and Skelton Grange in Leeds. Both of these new facilities are due to enter operations in 2025.

A copy of the CBI Economics report can be downloaded from the enfinium website here.

About enfinium

enfinium is one of the largest energy from waste businesses in the UK and is an industry leader in the conversion of non-recyclable residential and business waste into heat and partially renewable power. enfinium currently has a platform of six (two in construction) strategically located facilities across the UK. Today, enfinium has an annual waste processing capacity of over 2.3 million tonnes, and a total combined electric generating capacity of 265MW (gross) — enough energy to power more than 500,000 UK homes. For more on enfinium, please visit

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