England’s London-Based Asset Management Startups: Innovation in Financial Tech

January 10, 2024

Despite the challenges faced by businesses globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the resilience, innovation, and agility of London’s startup ecosystem remain unshaken. The asset management industry, in particular, has seen the rise of several new and promising startups eager to change the course of the industry. These startups span a range of fields including cryptocurrency, financial and professional services, FinTech, and more. They are not just bringing revolutionary ideas to life, but are often redefining the traditional business models in the process. Here, we outline some of the most exciting startups in the asset management realm based in London.

These startups, launched in 2020 or later, demonstrate the vibrance and diversity of the London startup ecosystem. From reducing foreign exchange costs to enabling safer digital transactions, these companies are leveraging technology to meet the needs of their clients, and above all, standing up against the testing times. This piece spotlights each of these innovative companies, highlighting their unique value propositions, industries of specialty, and the visionary founders driving their success.

Whether you are a potential investor, entrepreneur, or someone interested in the latest startup trends, read on to learn more about these inspiring companies. Each company represents a different facet of the asset management industry, offering fresh and exciting ways of doing business in their respective fields.

Zodia Custody

Zodia Custody is a name to reckon with in the domain of cryptocurrency and financial services. Recently launched in London, the company is making its mark in the world of digital assets and is determined to grow further in the future.

Quantum Investment

Quantum Investment ltd. specializes in professional services, asset, and cryptocurrency management. Its innovative approach is rapidly carving a space for itself within the highly competitive London startup scene.

MillTechFX by Millennium Global

Millennium Global’s MillTechFX operates in the Asset Management, Financial Services, FinTech arena. It is a result of the painstaking efforts of founder Eric Huttman. MilltechFX specialises in independent, transparent, tech-enabled currency marketplace for Fund Managers, Institutional Investors, and Global Businesses.

Maniyar Capital

Founded by Dharmesh Maniyar, Maniyar Capital offers timely advice and reliable asset management services, catered to client-specific needs and requirements.


ProsperUs comes with an innovative offer of digital assets technologies that facilitate multiple partners in solving complex value transfer problems. Their platform enables secure and frictionless peer-to-peer exchanges that adds value to all stakeholders.


ImpactVest operates at the intersection of cybersecurity, financial services, and asset management, delivering top-notch services that lend businesses a significant competitive edge.


Kensys, co-founded by Edwy Zoonekynd and Stephane Renard, is leading the way in financial services, risk management, and wealth management.

Reframe Capital

Located in London, Reframe Capital, founded by Benjamin Lamping, operates as a go-to-market solutions specialist in the asset management, private markets, business strategy, development, and advisory industry. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Facility for Energy Inclusion

Facility for Energy Inclusion is a financing platform designed to support the power sector, showing promising signs of future growth.

Reviresco Partners

Reviresco Partners, founded by James Wellwood, invests into and partners operationally with a select number of businesses in order to achieve long-term value through alignment. Specific focus areas are Life Sciences, Wellbeing and Education. They can be contacted via their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Vestrum Management Solutions

Vestrum Management Solutions covers a wide range of fields including banking, insurance, payments and wealth management.

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