Equity Report, UK-based M&A and ESG News Service, Seeks Contributors to Expand its Global Coverage

January 18, 2023

Valeria Camerino, former European Editor at financial news and data provider CTFN, has launched Equity Report (equityreport.co.uk), a subscription-based specialist news service aimed at the global investment community, which explores challenges and opportunities at the intersection between M&A, antitrust, and ESG.

Born out of a desire to increase transparency and accountability in the financial markets, Equity Report, aims to establish itself as the one-stop shop for investors looking to keep up to speed with global market developments, trends, and policies and reduce their regulatory and investment risks.

The news service has been shortlisted for the 2022 Georgina Henry Award for Digital Innovation by Women in Journalism (WiJ).

“We want to promote a corporate culture based on solid ethical principles and we are committed to adhering to such values both internally and with our readers,” founder and editor Valeria Camerino says.

With a journalism career spanning over fifteen years, Valeria brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in financial and business reporting that will enable readers to benefit from high-quality content on M&A, antitrust, and ESG issues and gaining the knowledge they need to make better-informed decisions for their company or their clients.

The news outlet is currently recruiting freelance journalists in global locations, including London, Brussels, and Washington, to contribute to their coverage on a regular basis.

It is also keen to explore partnerships with well-established industry organisations that align with its vision and professional values.

Equity Report’s global audience consists of law firms, financial investors, including merger arbitrage and event-driven hedge funds, investment research firms and banks, academic institutions, and regulatory agencies.

“The word equity is a fascinating one, as it carries multiple meanings,” Valeria says. “In M&A, equity is defined as the value of the shares issued by a company, as well as the stocks and shares that carry no interest. But when people talk about equity, they often refer to the quality of being fair and impartial. That is our primary goal: to report on market developments in a fair, accurate, and unbiased manner from a fresh and unexplored perspective.”

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