EvoPricing and Event Network celebrate publication of their research on AI in the Harvard Business Review

June 19, 2023

EvoPricing and Event Network announced the publication of their AI research on high-impact analytics strategies for executives in the Harvard Business Review at a popular webinar on June 13th. The two CEOs, Fabrizio Fantini and Larry Gilbert, addressed the pressing question “Will AI be your next CRO?”.

EvoPricing and Event Network hosted a popular webinar on June 13 to discuss high-impact analytics strategies for executives.

The webinar addressed the pressing question “Will AI be your next CRO?” with insight on how executives can optimize revenues and overall company performance using AI. The event featured CEO of EvoPricing, Fabrizio Fantini and CEO of Event Network, Larry Gilbert.

Business executives left the webinar with a deeper knowledge of AI strategies that deliver insights not otherwise attainable through traditional analytics, unlocking benefits from each of the three types of analytics available to managers: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.

During the event, they launched a structured framework to address any type of complex management challenge using data, showing how AI is a commitment that yields the best results when executives are willing to ask questions and grow along with the AI system itself.

“Machines are great at answering complex questions using all available data, but they are terrible at suggesting which questions are valuable to ask. Human intuition and creativity are therefore as critical for success as ever before, if not more, just in a very different way. In the digital age, managers must move from depending on analytics to get the ‘right’ answer, to a strategy where they trust the machine to optimize the path to a goal defined by humans,” said Fantini.

The webinar was itself a broadening and celebration of the applications from research and analytics strategies Fantini and Harvard Business School professor Das Narayandas published an article in the May/June 2023 issue of the Harvard Business Review. The article focuses on practical uses of analytics that do not sacrifice valuable insights founded in intuition and experience.

In addition to the analytical strategies, webinar tackled the question of whether or not a machine, such as AI, can take the place of a top manager like a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).  Traditionally, a CRO would use analytics to determine the exact amount of revenue a company has been bringing in. More advanced data analytics, however, allow a CRO to optimize new methods of growing the business through optimal pricing, product management and marketing decisions directly driven by machine recommendations.

Fantini and Gilbert say this topic is important because it is something that can have a massive impact on most industry sectors throughout the world. The questions around how to implement AI in a business setting are rapidly changing and this event showed how those questions can be understood and answered.

“Our commitment to Artificial Intelligence has been rooted in curiosity and openness. Over the years, we have found answers, captured opportunities, and gained sometimes unexpected insight, only to, in turn, unlock the next wave of learning. The role of managers gradually transformed, from a backward-looking focus on accounting accuracy to a forward-looking exploration of potential and evolution through asking questions. It’s a ‘forever journey’ really,” said Gilbert.


Fabrizio Fantini is the founder and CEO of EvoPricing. He founded the company to help businesses make better sales, customer, pricing and supply chain decisions. He accomplishes this through an algorithm he has created. Larry Gilbert is the CEO of Event Network and a lifelong entrepreneur. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring and has held lectures at prestigious universities in the United States.

EvoPricing is a London-based software company that uses revolutionary prescriptive AI to help managers worldwide make better business decisions. Event Network focuses on experiential retail in the U.S.: designing and building gift shops and web stores for world-class cultural destinations.

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