Exploring London’s Emerging B2B Startups: A Focus on English Headquarters

January 10, 2024

London has been a focal point for successful startups for many years and continues to nurture an array of promising companies. One of the sectors contributing to the thriving London startup scene is the B2B industry. In 2020 and beyond, numerous startups within this industry have emerged, each bringing innovation and fresh approaches to their respective areas. Here, we highlight some of these remarkable startups, all of which are based in England and are making significant strides in their sectors.

While the ongoing global pandemic has presented numerous challenges, it has also opened avenues for innovation and adaptation across the globe. Many startups have seized the opportunity to provide crucial B2B services and solutions in these challenging times. Some are bringing automation to complex processes, revamping the way team travels are organized, and even redefining the way credit is secured.

In this article, we will spotlight each of these startups, their industries, founders, descriptions, and the means to connect with them. These include not just their websites, but also their respective social media channels, providing a holistic view of what they are and what they offer.


The London-based HRIS employee management software provider, Humaans, was founded by Giovanni Luperti and Karolis Narkevicius. They offer a customizable HR stack that sorts out employee documentation, data, payroll, and contracts among other facets of procuring and maintain a remote and distributed workforce. The startup helps manage the full lifecycle of employees, from onboarding to offboarding, assisting not just the employees, but also the employers.

You can connect with Humaans on Twitter and LinkedIn.


NextRetreat, a startup aimed at simplifying the organization of team travels, was founded by Martin Studencan. The company’s platform offers the resources to select an appropriate team travel destination, book the best accommodation, and handle on-site logistics. It also combines expert customer support with a platform that avails research and booking services all in one place.

You can connect with NextRetreat on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Bondaval is a digital platform that provides a secure and cost-effective form of secured credit that replaces traditional collateral-based instruments and trade credit insurance. Founded by Sam Damoussi and Tom Powell in 2020, London-based Bondaval is changing the way B2B credit security is tackled.

Their social media presence includes Twitter and LinkedIn.


Soveren, an AI startup that helps security teams regain control over sensitive data, was co-founded by Andrew Zhulin, Dima Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov. The company aims to mitigate data risks early and offers real-time Kubernetes cluster scanning to perform crucial data protection tasks.

Connect with Soveren via LinkedIn.

CM Ventures

CM Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by Nikolay Dyachkov and Vagan Khranyan delivering investments in both B2B and B2C companies. The firm is based in London, United Kingdom and offers financial services within the fintech sector.

You can connect with CM Ventures on LinkedIn.


SalesDRIIVN is a business intelligence and market research company based in London that specializes in the B2B sector.

You can connect with SalesDRIIVN on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Booked It

Booked It is a booking management software delivering innovative solutions for the leisure, hospitality, and entertainment industry.

You can connect with Booked It on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Osinto, founded by Charles Osborne, provides analytics and machine learning solutions within the B2B sector. The company uses AI, business intelligence, and natural language processing for effective lead generation and market research.

You can connect with Osinto on Twitter and LinkedIn.


ProsperUs offers a platform for secure and seamless peer-to-peer exchanges of assets, whether they’re currency, loyalty points, or real estate. The company uses digital asset technologies to help partners solve complex value transfer issues.

You can connect with ProsperUs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


EcardForest, founded by Dayana Doncheva, provides handmade group e-cards for various events. Aiming to be eco-friendly while reducing the distance among people with their online platform.

You can connect with EcardForest with LinkedIn.


SenseCheck offers a network of SME executives sharing second opinions on marketing strategies through their platform. It’s a reciprocal system to enhance marketing performance and prevent costly mistakes for small businesses.

You can connect with SenseCheck on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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