Exploring London’s Newest Innovations in the Accounting Startup Scene

January 12, 2024

London has always been a hub for startups, bursting with innovation, creativity, and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. In the recent years, we have seen a significant rise in the number of cutting-edge startups that have not only revolutionised the accounting industry but have also provided beneficial solutions for businesses big and small. The year 2020 and onwards, in particular, saw startups that rose to the occasion, responding to the specific needs of the time and providing innovative solutions in the accounting industry.

Below is a list of some of these startups, which have made significant strides in the Accounting industry since their inception in 2020. Each unique in its approach and vision, these companies are shaping the future of the field, delivering financial services that are truly redefining traditional norms and enabling businesses and individuals alike to navigate the financial realm with more confidence and foresight.

Most of these London-based startups are driven by a dual desire to harness the power of technology and to use it to simplify financial transactions. From financial management and consultation to introducing streamlined platforms for easy accounting chores – these startups are at the forefront of cutting-edge financial solutions.

Artis Finance

Based in London, Artis Finance is an emerging name in the Financial Services and Professional Services industry. Founded by Waldo de Vleeschauwer, Artis Finance follows a holistic approach to providing accounting solutions. Further details can be found on its LinkedIn page.

M&M Fintech

M&M Fintech, operating in the Accounting, Financial Exchanges, and Financial Services sector, was born out of the vision of founder Svilen Stoyanov. Based in London, this startup aims to transform accounting methods and systems. More information about M&M Fintech can be obtained through their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Randa Bennett and Patricia Salume, vHelp is a unique expenses application designed for charities and voluntary groups to simplify reimbursements. It provides a transparent audit trail and integrates seamlessly with existing accounting software. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Bankz Banking Network

Bankz Banking Network is a London-based startup providing innovative banking and accounting solutions. Its platform consolidates all banking account networks in one place for an effortless banking experience. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Premier Business Consulting

Despite its location in London, Ontario, Premier Business Consulting Group offers services to global clients, providing personalized accounting and management solutions. Their consulting and accounting services offer fresh insights and perspectives for overcoming challenges. For more information, check their LinkedIn page.

IntelliSaving Limited

IntelliSaving Limited is an innovative startup offering robust mobile app solutions in the Accounting and Finance industry in London. Their approach continues to redefine modern accounting practices. Check their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile for updates.


Co-founded by Gareth Hewitt and Jamie Nascimento, LemonEdge is a unique low-code development platform with an integrated accounting engine. It aims to simplify complex financial challenges across the financial services sector. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Outsource Payroll Services in UK

This London-based startup specializes in handling payroll tasks with efficiency, saving both time and money for businesses. Their team of expert accountants ensure accurate calculations and timely submissions to HMRC.


Cofounded by Colin Thirunesam and Vibeeshan Mahadeva, AIZENIT provides intelligent AI solutions to automate and increase efficiency in complex business processes. With products like AccurAI and Genieaz, AIZENIT revolutionizes accounting and bookkeeping methodologies. Connect with AIZENIT on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Kolleno, co-founded by Dimitri Raziev and Ron Danenberg, is a unique AR management platform that simplifies account receivable processes. With its AI-based technology, it’s transforming the way businesses chase and collect cash. For more about Kolleno, check their LinkedIn page.


Based in London, and co-founded by Kendra Combs, Kolleno tailors accounting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. This fintech startup offers a unified AR management platform to streamline cash-collection processes for the businesses. More information about Kolleno can be obtained through their LinkedIn page.

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