Fiera Capital’s Strategic Move: Appointing Mandy Adamou as Managing Director to Strengthen Consultant Relations in EMEA & Asia

July 29, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Fiera Capital Corporation appoints Mandy Adamou as the Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations, EMEA & Asia, effective July 17, 2023.
  • The new role aims to bolster Fiera Capital’s presence in EMEA and strengthen relationships with consultants worldwide.
  • Ms. Adamou brings over 25 years of experience in consultant relations, making her a valuable addition to the team.
  • Her expertise will be instrumental in optimizing consultant activities and achieving Fiera Capital’s ambitious goals.
  • Fiera Capital is a leading independent asset management firm with a growing global presence and over C$164.7 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2023.

About Fiera Capital Corporation

Fiera Capital Corporation, a prominent independent asset management firm, has recently made a strategic move to reinforce its foothold in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia regions by appointing Mandy Adamou as Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations, EMEA & Asia. This appointment, effective from July 17, 2023, is aimed at expanding Fiera Capital’s global presence and fostering stronger relationships with consultants worldwide.

Fiera Capital is committed to delivering customized and multi-asset solutions across public and private market asset classes. The company serves institutional, financial intermediary, and private wealth clients in North America, Europe, and key markets in Asia. With assets under management amounting to approximately C$164.7 billion as of March 31, 2023, Fiera Capital continues to grow as a major player in the asset management industry.

The appointment of Mandy Adamou as Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations, EMEA & Asia, signifies Fiera Capital’s dedication to advancing its strategic goals and providing outstanding service to its clients globally. This appointment comes as part of the company’s efforts to strengthen its regionalized distribution model, building on the progress achieved in the EMEA and Asian regions to date.

Mandy Adamou: A Driving Force in Consultant Relations

Mandy Adamou brings a wealth of experience to her new role at Fiera Capital. With over 25 years of expertise in consultant relations for global financial institutions, she has an impressive track record of launching successful solutions and overseeing consultant activities across multiple global regions, including EMEA, Asia, and the U.S. Her ability to build trust and strategic relationships with partners around the world has been instrumental in her success.

In her previous role as Managing Director, Global Head of Consultant Relations (EMEA) at a private, global asset manager in London, England, Ms. Adamou demonstrated her skill in driving business growth through successful consultant relationships. Her appointment as Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations, EMEA & Asia at Fiera Capital is a testament to her outstanding reputation and credibility among both local and global consultants.

A Vision for the Future: Fiera Capital’s Next-Stage Strategy

Fiera Capital is poised to embark on its next-stage strategy and vision with the inclusion of Mandy Adamou in its leadership team. Ms. Adamou’s alignment with Fiera Capital’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellent client service makes her a valuable addition to the firm. Her extensive experience in EMEA and expertise in cultivating consultant relationships will play a pivotal role in the Company’s continued growth and expansion in strategic markets.

Klaus Schuster, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, EMEA, expressed his confidence in Mandy Adamou’s ability to drive the Company’s growth in the EMEA and Asian regions. He said, “Given our focus on re-establishing the Company’s regionalized distribution model, I expect that Mandy’s extensive experience in EMEA and credibility among both local and global consultants will make her an invaluable asset to our team.”

Optimizing Consultant Activities: Fiera Capital’s Strategic Approach

As the newly appointed Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations, EMEA & Asia, Mandy Adamou will play a pivotal role in optimizing consultant activities for Fiera Capital. She will leverage her extensive market knowledge and expertise to ensure the best outcomes for the Company’s clients across the globe.

Ms. Adamou will chair Fiera Capital’s Global Consultant Committee, facilitating collaboration with internal executive stakeholders. This collaborative approach will empower Fiera Capital to make strategic decisions that align with the unique needs and preferences of clients worldwide.

Collaborating for Success: Frederick McNeill and Mandy Adamou

In her new role, Mandy Adamou will work in collaboration with Frederick McNeill, Vice President, Institutional Markets, to achieve Fiera Capital’s strategic objectives. Mr. McNeill’s expertise, combined with Ms. Adamou’s wealth of experience, will create a formidable team dedicated to driving success and excellence in consultant relations.

By synergizing their skill sets and market knowledge, Ms. Adamou and Mr. McNeill will contribute to Fiera Capital’s mission of fostering sustainable prosperity for all stakeholders.

Final Thoughts: Empowering Fiera Capital’s Global Growth

The appointment of Mandy Adamou as Managing Director, Head of Consultant Relations, EMEA & Asia, represents a significant step for Fiera Capital as it expands its global presence. With Ms. Adamou’s distinguished career and expertise in consultant relations, the company is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals and strengthen relationships with a global network of consultants.

Fiera Capital’s commitment to providing outstanding service and customized solutions across asset classes makes it a formidable force in the asset management industry. With its entrepreneurial spirit and vision for the future, Fiera Capital, together with its talented global team, is poised to navigate the evolving landscape of investment management and continue delivering value to its clients worldwide.

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