FlowForma advances US growth with opening of New York office

March 23, 2023

FlowForma is accelerating growth in the US by taking up residency in the Enterprise Ireland New York office, with plans to open its own premises in the next two years. Staff in Sales and Customer Support will initially work out of the Park Avenue address, providing a permanent presence in one of the company’s biggest markets.

Last year, around 30% of FlowForma revenue came from North America, where demand for its Business Process Management and Automation tool has grown across every sector. The cloud-native software is proving particularly popular among US construction, energy and healthcare companies that have struggled to digitalize their processes.

Olivia Bushe, FlowForma CEO, said, “We have been regular visitors to the US since we launched in 2016, but the scale of growth in the last year has made the need for a permanent presence a necessity. This new business hub will help us to facilitate regular roundtable breakfast and lunch events to better support our community, existing clients, as well as procure new business. St. Patrick’s Week was the perfect time to open our NYC office and unveil the next phase in an Irish success story.”

Marisa Mannion of Enterprise Ireland, Senior Vice President, USA, said, “FlowForma is the latest in a long line of Irish tech companies that has taken off in the States, shining a light on the close relationship between the two countries. We look forward to supporting Olivia and her team as they continue to grow their business in North America and the rest of the world.”

The adoption of an easy-to-use process tool reflects an appetite among US companies to drive efficiency in challenging times, according to Bushe, though she also sees indicators of a more bullish economy, particularly in a construction sector that is much more buoyant than its equivalent in the UK, FlowForma’s second biggest market.

“Construction is a sweet spot for FlowForma,” said Bushe, “because we eliminate manual, paper-based processes and address the challenges of maintaining good governance on temporary sites involving lots of suppliers. Despite the strong uptake in the construction sector, FlowForma services customers across all industries in the United States and beyond from healthcare and manufacturing to professional and financial services and more.”

US customers across these sectors include Trident General Contracting, Rimkus Consulting Group and Dresser Natural Gas.

This latest landmark comes off the back of significant investment raised by FlowForma stakeholders in 2022, with an office in New York City being an integral next step on the company’s planned growth journey. The business continues to scale in size with new roles added across all areas of the company to meet growing demand in overseas markets such as the US and beyond.

About FlowForma

FlowForma is a leading provider of enterprise-class Business Process Management and Automation with a cloud-native tool that empowers organizations to rapidly digitalize their processes. Headquartered in Dublin with offices in New York, Boston, and London, FlowForma has a global customer base spanning every sector, from construction and energy to healthcare and financial services.

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