Free Initial Consultation for Ambitious US and UK Entrepreneurs

December 16, 2022

Conversations between transatlantic entrepreneurs and business start-up advisors Motion Paradox, suggest that the ambition to set up successful UK or USA-based businesses in the other country is being stymied. Obstacles include the difficulties of navigating the differences in the respective legal/jurisdictional regimes while many ambitious high growth SMEs are hampered by the very speed of that growth, which means they must slow down to let other aspects of their business ‘catch up’.

For the next two months, from December 2022 through January 2023, Motion Paradox experts will offer an initial no-obligation consultation to any firm considering transatlantic expansion free of charge.

Eamonn Hogan, Chief Compliance Officer, said: “Given our own transatlantic nature, Motion Paradox is uniquely placed to offer the robust legal and business advice that these ambitious companies need. Our offer of a free initial consultation demonstrates our confidence in just how effective our input can be in helping businesses overcome any obstacles to their sustained growth and expansion.”

Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs need a clear and structured operational and legal strategy in order to successfully grow their businesses and prosper in new territories. Early-stage growth companies frequently postpone hiring legal consultants and take a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach. This may seem a low-cost option, but it is poor long-term value for money and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Nicole Slayton Hogan, Chief Executive Officer of Motion Paradox said: “For many dynamic and fast-growing UK and US businesses making sales on the other side of the Atlantic marks a huge opportunity for growth. However, some companies grow opportunistically and so fast that best practice is often side-lined. This creates the ‘motion paradox’, where growth either stagnates or continues inefficiently. High growth companies with ambitions of transatlantic expansion can quickly become victims of their own success.”

Businesses can contact the Motion Paradox team of highly experienced start-up lawyers for their free initial consultation on [email protected] or by calling +44 20 3950 0765.

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